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2.6SPikeSweet Betsey from PikeHer StoryCool Hand UkeTue 22nd Aug 06
1.5TruthSojourner TruthHer StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
2.2RCloudRainy BlueCloudHer StoryJoan BuffingtonTue 22nd Aug 06
2.7SapphoSapphoHer StoryKathryn SmithTue 22nd Aug 06
2.3RCarsonRachel CarsonHer StoryKristina SommaTue 22nd Aug 06
1.6MMotherMelissa's MothersHer StoryMelissa ThomasTue 22nd Aug 06
1.4MontessoriMaria MontessoriHer StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
2.3MGreerMary Katherine GreerHer StoryDawa FitzmauriceTue 22nd Aug 06
1.5OKeefeGeorgia O'KeefeHer StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
2.2MFooteMary Halleck FOoteHer StorySands HallTue 22nd Aug 06
2.7MGimbutasMarija GimbutasHer StoryChris IrvingTue 22nd Aug 06
1.5LaDukeWinona LaDukeHer StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
1.4LucyTrack 7Her StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
2.7LBallLucille BallHer StoryDawn FischerTue 22nd Aug 06
1.5JonesMother JonesHer StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
2.2MBenjaminMedea BenjaminHer StoryDaisy EisenbergTue 22nd Aug 06
1.4KyiAung Sun Suu KyiHer StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
1.5MagdeleneTrack 3Her StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
1.4MakedaMakedaHer StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
1.4HamerTrack 8Her StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
1.5HillbillyTrack 2Her StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
1.5GrandmotherMelissa'a GrandmotherHer StoryMelissa Thomas - presenterTue 22nd Aug 06
1.6HillTrack 1Her StoryBy: Joan BuffingtonTue 22nd Aug 06
1.4HuertaTrack 10Her StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
0.6joanacceptHer StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
2.6ICunninghamImogen CunninghamHer StoryMolly FiskTue 22nd Aug 06
1.5GoodallJane GoodallHer StoryKristina Somma - presenterTue 22nd Aug 06
2.2HBingenHildegard of BingenHer StoryKathryn SmithTue 22nd Aug 06
2.8EmilyDickinsonEmily DickinsonHer StoryBy: Jane MorrisonTue 22nd Aug 06
2.7DLangeDorothea LangHer StoryKristina SommaTue 22nd Aug 06
2.2ECamerenaEva CamerenaHer StoryJoan BuffingtonTue 22nd Aug 06
0.8EleanorEleanor RooseveltHer StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
2.6EZimmermanElizabeth ZimmermanHer StoryLisa RothmanTue 22nd Aug 06
1.5EllenSEllen SargentHer StorySheila O'Connor - presenterTue 22nd Aug 06
2.3CGrandmotherCC's GrandmotherHer StoryCC LoveTue 22nd Aug 06
2.3ARoyArundhati RoyHer StoryArly HelmTue 22nd Aug 06
1.6ACarterAnna Marie CarterHer StoryCC LoveTue 22nd Aug 06
2.2AFeeneyANne FeeneyHer StoryJoan BuffingtonTue 22nd Aug 06
1.5DickinsonTrack 2Her StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
1.5BariTrack 8Her StoryTue 22nd Aug 06
1.6BWeidnerBarbara WeidnerHer StoryDiana CerezaTue 22nd Aug 06
1.4DavisAngela DavisHer StoryTue 22nd Aug 06