moneymatters-759 election predictions final improved version

Date 30 October 2016

Election predictions and comments on how markets may move from the Amy Goodman of money, Host Marc Cuniberti of KVMR FM. Great news fill. #759 was moved forward in posting date due to the upcoming election (note our last news piece was #754). All good, ready for airplay, new improved format under 4 minutes with required tags front and back. Our website is and KVMR’s podcast site. More news and shows on both PRX and Audioport as well as the KVMR website.

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money show #238 halloween markets final oct 4 2016

Date 22 October 2016

Money Show 238 Halloween Markets

market news and more
the latest from Money Matters

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money show #237- inflation sept 15 2016

Date 24 September 2016


  1. Inflation September 15, 2016
    With markets again in flux and reeling, Marc’s comments are timely and need to be heard. Then he has an amazing presentation and explanation of inflation, likely the best description and take on it you have ever heard. Hear how the rich and the government love inflation and why. The answers will astound you!

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money show #235- into the fall we go

Date 12 August 2016

  1. Market update, late summer August 4, 2016
    More on a visit to Japan with great insight and humor, more on the Japanese monetary and fiscal policies, more on negative interest rates, the recent spike in gold and the most recent market news.

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moneymatters743-the recent price in gold improved version

Date 8 August 2016

News on gold recent move
Aug 8 2016

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moneymatters743-the recent price in gold improved version

Date 6 August 2016

Recent price in Gold news cast for the week

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Money Matters Show 234 Money for nothing

Date 21 June 2016

  1. Money for Nothing July 21, 2016
    Very easy paced show with the Brexit covered in detail, the price of gold, why it is bought and held, an explanation about paper money, the history of the US dollar and look at changes in the solar industry and more.

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moneymatters715- shotgun investing versus taking aim kvmr version.

Date 20 December 2015

New Money Matters news
investment advisors/ portfolios/ what you should look for

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moneymatters701- low interest rates and the problems they cause kvmr

Date 14 October 2015

Low interest rates Help or hurt

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moneymatters691-an american beer company epitomizes the reasons for tax inversion

Date 9 August 2015

Money news for the week of August 9., 2015

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moneymatters689- greek euro tragedy averted for now

Date 26 July 2015

News from Money Matters for the week.

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