SOS Radio - Twyla Teitzel - October 2018

Date 29 October 2018

Tune into SOS Radio to hear an interview with Twyla Teitzel who teaches classes on plant based eating through the Renaissance Society. 

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SOS Radio: Linda Middlesworth, Sacramento Vegan Society

Date 29 September 2018

SOS Radio interviews Linda Middlesworth, President of the Sacramento Vegan Society.

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The UnderNews, June 6, 2018 — Alison Weir

Date 11 June 2018

We interview Alison Weir, whose webpage, will give you more horrifying FACTS about the Israeli occupation of Palestine than you will find anywhere else. Her book, Against Our Better Judgement, presents the history of the founding of the State of Israel in the middle of Palestine.

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The UnderNews: Candidates Lewis Elbinger and Ruben Major

Date 2 June 2018

The Undernews talks with two candidates in the coming election who have rejected corporate contributions: Lewis Elbinger (Congress District 1) and Ruben Major (CA Sec of State). Hear their reasons.

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SOS Radio: Al Schmidt and Tami Kramer (5/23/18)

Date 24 May 2018

On Wednesday, May 23rd SOS Radio interviews Al Schmidt, who at the age of 80 reversed his long standing chronic heart disease by adopting a low fat vegan diet.  Also in the studio is Tami Kramer, who has a youtube channel called "Nutmeg Notebook." Tami is instrumental in Al's recovery!  

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The UnderNews, May 2, 2018 — Gayle McLaughlin

Date 8 May 2018

The Undernews talks with Gayle McLaughlin, former mayor of Richmond CA,who organized enough residents of the city to wrest control of City Council from  the Chevron-aligned members and gain more tax money, etc from the huge oil corporation. Takes no corporate money — Bernie-style!

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SOS Radio: Dr. Don Forrester (4/25/18)

Date 26 April 2018

SOS RADIO interviews Dr. Don Forrester about the benefits of a whole food plant based diet. 

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The UnderNews, April 4, 2018 — Lewis Elbinger

Date 9 April 2018

On Wednesday, April 4, the Undernews interviewed Lewis Elbinger, progressive candidate for Congress from Congressional District 1 about  the Midterm elections--lessons learned from  the 2016 election.  We discussed the need to get big money out of the election process, the need for Single Payer health insurance,  for election transparency and validation--changes toward printed ballots and non-proprietary voting software, for the transference of resources from war to the domestic economy, for prison reform.

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SOS Radio: Dr. Will Tuttle (3/28/18)

Date 29 March 2018

On March 28th SOS Radio interviews Dr. Will Tuttle, author of the World Peace Diet about the connection between identity politics, war, and veganism! Find out more at

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The UnderNews, March 7, 2018 — Ray McGovern

Date 8 March 2018

Former top CIA analyst specializing in Russian news Ray McGovern deconstructs Russiagate, discussing differences between a hack and a leak and why they’re important. If Russiagate is not what the corporate media is saying it is, what was its purpose and what may be the consequences? Should we be concerned?

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SOS Radio: Kayle Martin (2/28/18)

Date 1 March 2018

Guest host Katherine Porebski interviews Kayle Martin, local blogger and vegan activist about her journey. You can find out more about Kayle at

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The Undernews, February 7, 2018: Angela J Davis

Date 11 February 2018

Interview with Angela J Davis, editor of Policing the Black Man, essays analyzing the institutionalized racism in the US criminal justice system, its history, social and economic consequences, and possible solutions.

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The Undernews, January 31, 2018: Miko Peled

Date 1 February 2018

Jeanie Keltner of the Undernews talks with Miko Peled, member on an elite Zionist-Israeli family, now one of the most detailed debunkers of certain myths about Israel and a passionate activist for justice for Palestinians.

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SOS Radio — January 24, 2018 — Shelly Frost and Glenn Destatte

Date 25 January 2018

On Wednesday, January 24th SOS Radio interviews Shelly Frost about the upcoming Animal Film Festival. Around the bottom of the hour Peggy speaks with Glenn Destatte about SacVegFest!

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The Undernews: Paul Craig Roberts (January 3 2018)

Date 6 January 2018

Dr. Roberts discusses the evidence—or the lack of it—for the accusations that Russia colluded with the Trump campaign to throw the election to Trump. Who benefits from these allegations? He points out the dangerous path toward war US foreign policy is taking as it demonizes a nuclear armed Russia that believes the US is planning a first strike.

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SOS Radio – December 27, 2017 – Lani Muelrath

Date 29 December 2017

SOS Radio interviews Lani Muelrath, author of the Mindful Vegan.

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The Undernews: Dara Berger (December 6 2017)

Date 8 December 2017

Jeanie Keltner talks with Dara Berger, parent of a vaccine-injured child and author of “How to Prevent Autism” about ways of preparing for pregnancy that reduce the chances of vaccine injury and about the contributions of the toxic environment to negative vaccine responses.

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The UnderNews: Hayley Pederson and Ariel Gold – Nov 29, 2017

Date 1 December 2017

The Undernews talks with Hayley Pederson about women’s peace group Code Pink’s campaign to support divestment from the War Machine’s top five corporations, and with Ariel Gold about current legislation to stop Israel from imprisoning Palestinian children.

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SOS Radio – November 22, 2107 – Talking Turkey with Animal Place

Date 23 November 2017

SOS Radio interviews Marji Beach and Patti Nyman from Animal Place about turkeys and their big recent rescue.

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The UnderNews – Robert Parry – Nov 1, 2017

Date 7 November 2017

Robert Parry is an exemplary journalist, going where more timid writers fear to tread. HE was awarded the George Polk Award for National Reporting in 1984 for his reporting on Iran-Contra. In mid-1985 he wrote the first article on Oliver North’s involvement and, in late 1985 broke the CIA and Contras cocaine trafficking in the US—and stood by fellow reporter Gary Webb when Webb’s (true) story on the crack epidemic in LA was shutdown by Webb’s editor.
In August 1990 PBS’ Frontline asked Parry to work on the October Surprise conspiracy theory, leading to Parry making several documentaries for the program, broadcast in 1991 and 1992. He continued to pursue it after a Congressional investigation had concluded the story was untrue, turning his Frontlineresearch into a book published in 1993, and in 1994 he unearthed “a treasure-trove of government documents” supporting the theory, “showing that the [Congressional] task force suppressed incriminating CIA testimony and excluded evidence of big-money links. “

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