Terrence McKenna, Psychonaut, Alien Abduction Interview 1993

Date July 8, 2014

Terrence McKenna, Psychonaut, Alien Abduction Interview 1993

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Earth Mysteries, Monday, November 29th, Matt Mann

Date November 29, 2010

Here’s the blurb for yesterday’s show: Our guest on today’s Earth Mysteries show is KVMR volunteer and listener Matt Mann. Matt is making his second appearance on the Earth Mysteries show. Today we discuss the upcoming changes in 2012, the possible corruption of earth’s politics by the evil reptoids from the planet Draco, and a wide range of topics familiar to listeners of this show.

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Earth Mysteries, Monday, November 22nd, John Brooker

Date November 22, 2010

Our guest today on the Earth Mysteries show is John Brooker. He has written several books, including “If Heaven is so Wonderful why Come Here?” and Darkness Into Light : Rescuing Souls on the Other Side. Mr. Brooker is 87 years old, has been a Spiritualist Minister for over 50 years. He specializes in rescuing souls who have died, but don’t know it. He describes the process of leading souls to the light. Many of his statements ring true with Earth Mysteries listeners: “There is no death” “ We create our own reality by the thoughts we think” There is nothing but love and acceptance in the spirit world” “Good and evil are value judgments based on what is acceptable or unacceptable to the observer” . Mr. Brooker’s books are available from Blue Dolphin Press in Grass Valley.

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Earth Mysteries, Monday, November 8th, Terrence McKenna's "Timewave Zero" and Clif High's "The Tipping Point Change"

Date November 8, 2010

Terrence McKenna’s computer program “Timewave Zero” (available at multiple sites on the net) shows a huge “novelty wave” occurring at the end of this week. The wave dwarfs the wave seen on 9/11/2001. This indicates some momentous occurrence in human history.

Clif High at www.halfpasthuman.com sends out web bots which look for changes in language. He has pinpointed the “tipping point” to occur at 6:50 am PST on November 14th.

What will the momentous event be?

Of the possibilities on the horizon there are a few. One of these should be talked about more and more as next Sunday approaches, and the one on the news the most will probably be it. The possibilities include: Suxtnet virus – brings down the internet (which includes banking and commerce)... Terrorist attack on Washington DC (Obama left town)...collapse of the dollar on world markets….War in India/Pakistan… Israel attacks Iran…or volcanic activity in the ring of fire, ie another Krakatoa – like eruption which plunges the world into a mini ice age for several years…or yep, the big earthquake in California.

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Earth Mysteries, Monday, September 20th, Paul Rademacher

Date September 20, 2010

We discussed his book “A Spiritual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” as well as The Monroe Institute. Paul is the executive director of the Monroe institute in Faber VA.

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Earth Mysteries, Monday, August 23rd, Jolene Roxbury

Date August 23, 2010

Earth Mysteries, Monday, August 23rd, Jolene Roxbury excerpts from her radio show, titled “Valium 4”

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Earth Mysteries, Monday, August 2nd Bruce Lipton PhD

Date August 2, 2010

Bruce Lipton PhD was today’s guest, author of several books.

“The biology of beliefs” How the subconscious mind rules our lives and how to communicate with it.

He is a captivating speaker, and will be at the Grass Valley Vet’s hall all day August 14. Tickets are available at The Briar Patch.

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Earth Mysteries, Monday, July, 19th Arch Crawford

Date July 19, 2010

Haines Ely’s guest on the Earth Mysteries show today is Arch Crawford. His newsletter “Crawford Perspectives” Is rated by the Hulbert Digest as the top market timer, and top gold timer from 1987 to 2009. He does his market predictions by astrology and technical analysis. He is predicting the worst astrological alignment in human recorded history at the end of this month. The consequences for the world are unknown, but may include a stock market or economic melt down, political upheaval, war, or major natural disaster.

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Earth Mysteries, Monday, June, 28th Paul DeBell, M.D.

Date June 28, 2010

My guest today is Dr. Paul Debell, a New York psychiatrist, who wrote “Decoding the Spiriual Messages of Everyday Life: How Life Shows US What We Need to Know” The title says it all. The book is very well organized hand has check lists and questions at the end of each chapter to be sure you get it. Dr Debell also has a web site where he coaches one through the tough questions. The web site is www.decodeyourmessages.com

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Earth Mysteries, Monday, June, 21st Sienna Gold

Date June 21, 2010

Today’s guest is Sienna Gold. Sienna has been one of the Earth Mysteries show’s most popular guests. She is a local psychic who is spot on accurate. She has done many “mini readings” on the show and is currently a KVMR broadcaster in training. She specializes in working with people who have exhausted themselves with gurus, meditation, self help books, and new age advice. She gets into one’s head and finds the real causes of conflicts, failures, and problems which can be quickly corrected under her supervision. Every time I go out in public I am asked “When is Sienna going to be on your show again?” Her web site is www.feelslikegold.com

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