KVMR Election News 2010 Results, Analysis and Call-Ins Tuesday November 2nd

Date 2 November 2010

Don’t fall prey to the blow-dried blowhards on TV. Turn the volume down and listen to KVMR 6pm to midnight Tuesday for articulate progressive analysis of Election 2010 from KVMR’s Paul Emery and Shawn Garvey, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, Laura Flanders, Thom Hartman, Pacifica News, the California Report and the BBC.

Election coverage that can’t be beat on the night the Republicans try to beat up Obama, Pelosi and Reid. That’s Election 2010 on KVMR, 6 to midnight and earlier headlines when warranted.

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KVMR Election News 2010 Pre-election Day Listener Calls Monday November 1st

Date 1 November 2010

KVMR Election News 2010 Steve Baker and Paul Emery take pre-election day listener calls Monday November 1st

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Monday Morning Show, November 1st, Shawn Garvey discusses Nov. 2010 mid-term election

Date 1 November 2010

Shawn Garvey and Steve Baker discuss the upcoming November 2nd mid-term elections, the issues and the changes in the polls.

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KVMR Election News 2010 Interview Thursday October 28th

Date 28 October 2010

Paul Emery talks with Nevada County District Attorney Clifford Newell about his opposition to Proposition 19 that would legalize recreational use of marijuana.

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Grass Valley City Council Debate Thursday October 21st

Date 21 October 2010

The four candidates for Grass Valley City Council discuss the issues at a League of Women’s Voters sponsored debate

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Nevada County Treasure Candidate Dai Magher interview, October 21st

Date 21 October 2010

Paul Emery speaks with Dai Magher, candidate for Nevada county Treasurer-Tax Collector

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Tina Vernon Interview, Wednesday October 20th

Date 20 October 2010

Paul Emery spoke with Tina Vernon, candidate for Nevada County Treasurer Tax Collector

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Judge supports Prop 19, Tuesday October 19th

Date 19 October 2010

Retired California Judge and Federal Prosecutor James Gray is a strong supporter of Proposition 19, which will legalize the recreational use of marijuana. He spoke with KVMR’s Paul Emery about the proposition.

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Sarah Palin in Reno, Monday October 18th

Date 18 October 2010

Sarah Palin was part of the Tea Party Express road show Monday in Reno. KVMR’s Brian Bahouth was there and spoke with Paul Emery

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The Monday Morning Show, October 18th, Early Voting Election Special

Date 18 October 2010

Shawn Garvey

Political consultant Shawn Garvey of The Grant Farm and Morning Show host Steve Baker spend the hour assessing the forthcoming 2010 election and ballot, discussing the various propositions, candidates, trends, often from the progressive voter’s point of view.

Views and opinions expressed on KVMR are those of the speakers only and not necessarily those of KVMR, its board, staff, volunteers or contributors.

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Wednesday October 6th, 4th Assembly District Debate

Date 7 October 2010

On Wednesday October 6th the Nevada County League of Woman’s Voters sponsored a debate for the Fourth Assembly District election. The Candidates are Dan Logue, Republican incumbent, Gary Bryant, Libertarian Party and Mickey Harrington, Democratic Party. These are exempts from the debate … Starting off is Mickey Harrington

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KVMR Election News 2010 Wednesday, September 1st, The California Report Special Presentation: Calif. Senate Debate

Date 1 September 2010

KQED, KTVU and the San Francisco Chronicle host the first debate between Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer and Republican challenger Carly Fiorina.

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Discussion with George Rebane and Steve Frisch about Proposition 23

Date 1 September 2010

Discussion with George Rebane, a retired engineer and business man and Steve Frisch, President and CEO of the Sierra Business Council about Proposition 23

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