Wednesday October 6th, 4th Assembly District Debate

Date October 7, 2010

On Wednesday October 6th the Nevada County League of Woman’s Voters sponsored a debate for the Fourth Assembly District election. The Candidates are Dan Logue, Republican incumbent, Gary Bryant, Libertarian Party and Mickey Harrington, Democratic Party. These are exempts from the debate … Starting off is Mickey Harrington

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KVMR Election News 2010 Wednesday, September 1st, The California Report Special Presentation: Calif. Senate Debate

Date September 1, 2010

KQED, KTVU and the San Francisco Chronicle host the first debate between Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer and Republican challenger Carly Fiorina.

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Discussion with George Rebane and Steve Frisch about Proposition 23

Date September 1, 2010

Discussion with George Rebane, a retired engineer and business man and Steve Frisch, President and CEO of the Sierra Business Council about Proposition 23

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