KVMR Morning Show: Anita Bohbot Interview

Date 19 September 2017

What was Casablanca really like during World War II? An interview with Anita Bohbot, the 93-year-old author of “Rebel,” the memoirs of a rebellious Jewish girl in 1940s Casablanca, who breaks the rules of her own society in pursuit of her own truth. Anita takes you from war-torn Morocco, to the wreckage and marvels of postwar Europe and, finally, to…Hollywood. Anita will hold a booksigning at the Open Book, 671 Maltman Drive, Grass Valley, Saturday, Sept. 23, 2pm-4pm

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KVMR Interview with Dr. John The Nite Tripper • 9-16-13

Date 16 September 2013

An interview with with KVMR roving Arts reporter Brian Bahouth talking to Dr. John The Nite Tripper about his father's music store and his half century as an American music icon.

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Dr. John

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The Monday Morning Show • An Interview with Gumby

Date 1 April 2013

The Monday Morning Show with Jerianne Van Dijk

This episode features a special April 1st interview with the legendary Gumby!

Monday Morning Show 'original' Gumby promo

The Monday Show 'original' Gumby promo

Gumby & Jerianne Van Dijk

Gumby & Jerianne Van Dijk in the KVMR studio

Gumby & Jerianne Van Dijk in the KVMR studio

Gumby says

Gumby says "Bye for now!"


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Monday Morning Show, December 6th, Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones Magazine

Date 6 December 2010

Everything you may not have known about the Tea Party

Award-winning investigative journalist Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones Magazine has been following the Tea Party movement over the past year and talks about the locally formed national Tea Party Patriots and its founder, Mark Mekler, as well as controversial Tea Party opposition to sustainable development and food safety.

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Monday Morning Show, December 6th, Exclusive interview with Jerry Brown's campaign manager Steve Glazer

Date 6 December 2010

In this week’s “Transitions” segment, Glazer talks about the transformation of Jerry Brown while the Governor-elect retains his core progressive values and fiscal conservatism. In conversation with political analyst Shawn Garvey and host Steve Baker, he also gives a campaign manager’s advice to President Obama’s re-election strategy and describes how election and reapportionment initiatives may change the state’s political landscape.

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Monday Morning Show, November 22nd, Anna McHugh, a fungus fanatic

Date 22 November 2010

Golden Reel-winning radio producer Anna McHugh is in town to talk about her forthcoming national radio special on an unlikley topic, “Crazy About Mushrooms: Conversations with Fungus Fanatics.”

The unique documentary is being produced with a grant from the KVMR National Radio Production Fund, supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Anna is also seeking to supplement her funding with a Kickstarter grant for imaginative projects. You can read more about Anna’s forthcoming special at crazyaboutmushrooms.com

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Monday Morning Show, November 22nd, Which way, Gov. Brown?

Date 22 November 2010

Political analyst Shawn Garvey and Morning Show host Steve Baker talk “Transitions” with leading Jerry Brown aide and advance man, Ed Emerson. Brown is in a unique position, being the first progressive elected governor since….Jerry Brown in 1974. Emerson reveals some of the inner talk and philosophies of how Brown will seek to govern, and some of the ways he’ll put his unique stamp on the office. Informative and insightful look into Sacramento’s changing politics.

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Monday Morning Show, November 1st, Shawn Garvey discusses Nov. 2010 mid-term election

Date 1 November 2010

Shawn Garvey and Steve Baker discuss the upcoming November 2nd mid-term elections, the issues and the changes in the polls.

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Michael Moore calls KVMR Listeners Friday October 29th

Date 29 October 2010

Oscar-winning filmmaker, best-selling author and bigtime troublemaker Michael Moore took time out to talk politics and media with us during our “The Beat Goes On” membership drive. If folks like Michael Moore and Amy Goodman can continually find time in their lives to support KVMR, won’t you find a few minutes to become the next KVMR member — or make an additional gift to us??? It’s easy…securely online at kvmr.org or honor the broadcaster on the air right now by calling 530/265-9555. KVMR...Where we bring Michael, Amy and the world to you and you mean the world to us.

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The Monday Morning Show, October 18th, Early Voting Election Special

Date 18 October 2010

Shawn Garvey

Political consultant Shawn Garvey of The Grant Farm and Morning Show host Steve Baker spend the hour assessing the forthcoming 2010 election and ballot, discussing the various propositions, candidates, trends, often from the progressive voter’s point of view.

Views and opinions expressed on KVMR are those of the speakers only and not necessarily those of KVMR, its board, staff, volunteers or contributors.

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