Rabble Rousing, Wednesday January 12th with Chamba Lane

Date 12 January 2011

Rabble Rousing, Wednesday January 12th with Chamba Lane and Nevada county District Attorney Clifford Newell

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday January 5th with Chamba Lane

Date 5 January 2011

Commentary was short.Agreed with sac bee columnist bruce maimen’ proposal that if republican elected reps really meant to reduce govt spending they could begin by cutting their saleries by say 25% and refusing to take their present perks of free vehicles, free gas, per diem, health care and pensions.

Articles include:neotame:the new aspartame.*From farmwars.info By Barbara H. Peterson titled:*USDA Certified Organic’s Dirty Little Secret: Neotame :

Banks and wikileaks:ny times editorial:surprising anti wall st banks editorial

How us tried to stop Spain’s torture probe by carol Rosenberg, Miami herald.com

Bradley mannings pre trial punishment by mary shaw, online journal.com

Bradley manning and the case against solitary confinement by lynn parramore;“the degree ofcivilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons”-fyodor Dostoevsky

From middle class to slave class-courtesy of the fed, the white house, congress, and the bankers, by lila york, opednews.com

The real foreclosure crisis-who owns the mortgages?By peter g miller, online journal or opednews.com

Economic implosion:will America’s economic tower topple in 2011? By ben tanosborn, onlinejournal.com

Unearthing prehistoric tumors and debate by george Johnson, source unknown.Presents the case that cancer is not a modern disease but existed in ancient times.

a compilation of various astrologers making a case for the massive energy shifts predicted for dec 21, 2012 are two years off and its happening right now, and began 21 dec 2010

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday December 29th JFK Assassination Special

Date 29 December 2010

Ok heres the deal. 3 years ago I did a 2 hour pledge drive special featuring a dutch investigative journalist and an American ex fbi agent, who claimed they had found and extracted the confession of the man who shot jfk while standing behind the fence on the famous grassy knoll. Since then I have been waiting for mainstream media. Alternative media, someone, anyone to pick up on this amazing story. You know the result. zip. Nada zilch. Since I feel this story is an important one, I have gone over my recording of that show and edited out all the station business and requests for pledges, and raised the sound level so it is more comprehensible. Ive arbitrarily cut it into 7 tracks of approx 10 min each. im now going to play the first track for you, and then pause to field questions or comments, before playing the next track. Since the total playing time is an hour and 15 min and we have nearly 2 hours, there should be ample time at the end for your further questions and comments. I hope you find this info to be important in understanding that a revolution took place in America back in nov 1963, and we the people lost. And I hope you will further appreciate that you listeners of kvmr are amongst the few people in America who know who really shot jfk, and how he and his fellow conspirators came to do it.
And please remember the next time we have a membership drive, how important kvmr is to you and how rare is the information you receive from us.

Please Write down your questions and then call between segments which are about 10 min each Again, please hold your calls till I finish each segment. Call in numbers are 265-0555 or 1-800 355-5867

Ok hang onto your hats, here we go.

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday December 22nd with Chamba Lane

Date 22 December 2010

Articles include;

Billionaires should pay no taxes at all by james and jean anton opendnews.com

Winter weather brings snow to Australia [in their summer] by bonnie malkin sydeny morn hearld.Global waming theorists might not like this one

Fox news slammed by la times:shouldn’t call itself a news organization by Joshua Holland in alternet.net

Patriotism vs nationalism by Kevin hyden source joe sobran

A novel concept:for when you call an 800 # and get some service rep in foreign country

The year Washington became “business friendly“Robert reich in his blog

End corporate domination:more than advocacy we must resist by margaret flowers

Start breaking stuff-or be forever irrelevant by r flowers in dailykos.com

The beautiful symmetry of the foreclosure racket by ted newcomen in opednews.com

Several satirical pieces from the borowitz report

Commentaries include:

article in sac bee on shootout that killed young mother, with 2 readers letters asking for foot patrols of “bad neighborhoods“and my comments re real reason for police arming themselves with helicopters, tanks, swat teams rather than foot patrols

national organization of women [NOW] reduced to complaining about hooters restaurants serving kids.Have they no more important issues?

Comments on sac bee article pointing out that our gas prices are result of investor speculation more than actual supply of petroleum and calling for nationalization as only viable solution

Quick tip on how to see if your tires have legal tread:put penny into the tread.If there is space above Lincolns head, your tread is insufficient.

Wikileaks docs catches drug giant Pfizer in illegal practices.Is this the real reason the us govt is after julian assange and wikileaks?Is it really national embarrassment or is it to protect international corporations?

Gv Planning commission approves hospitality house but claims there is no suitable location for medical marijuana dispensary in city limits of gv hence taking the cowards way out and recommending city council ban such enterprises.

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday December 15th with Chamba Lane

Date 15 December 2010

Commentaries include:

One federal judge had the courage and common sense to rule that obama and his govt could not require citizens to purchase health care insurance from private for profit companies

Interesting perspective on why women in islam have it better than men

More on julian assange being denied bail and held in confinement.Is this man a dangerous criminal or just perhaps is this political vendetta?

Articles include:

No act of rebellion is wasted, by chris hedges from truthdig.com repub in opednews.com

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain by john grant, sdmirlingchimp.com, asking how the us govt crackdown on wikileaks differs from chinas crackdown on material they don’t want desiminated to their people.

Rticle warning us about the dangers of the proposted s372whistleblower protection enhancement act , claiming that it is anything but protection for whistleblowers, and in fact is the opposite.From opendnews.com

Is Virginia court [federal] ruling an inadvertent victory for progressives?By david sirota, smirkingchimp.com

Fox news boss instructed staff not to use phrase “public option” because it tested too well by Allison kilkenny, smirkingchimp.com

The big float scam by laura flanders online journal.com, claiming the real meat in wiklleans disclosures are the fed bailout and bank scamsrevealed., but not mentioned in corporate media

Our troubles are systemic not political by linh dinh, online journal.com

Last weeks satirical piece by andy borowitz was taken seriously by 2 saudi Arabia media outlets.

Another 2 saterical pieces from the borowitz report.

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday December 8th with Chamba Lane

Date 8 December 2010

Articles include:

From opednews.com:

Comcast moving to monopoly over your content:letter to fcc by paul kruger stuffdone.com

Assange accuser worked with us-funded,cia-tied, anti-cstro group by kirk james Murphy M.D.

First pub in firedoglake.com[this article also includes explanation of “sex offense” charges against assange, which in spite of corporate media claims [ncl npr], are not RAPE,

The original purpose of the pledge of allegiance was to promote the sales of American flags and magazine subscriptions from Wikipedia

From Kevin barett.com:two days that live in infamy

Spinoffs from that article are from veteranstoday.com

Gordon duffs take on wikileaks being controlled by the mossad, and the possibility that the neocons are using this latest flap as an excuse pass laws to censor the internet

Interview with Gordon duff exposing the thinking behind the govt creation and purpose of 9-11

Several humorous reports from borowitz.com

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday December 1st with Chamba Lane

Date 1 December 2010

Articles include:

Still the best congress money can buy:frank rich, ny times

Leaked cables reveal us-israel strategy for regeime change in iran by larisa alexandrovna and murial kane in therawstory.com

Saudi Arabiaurges us attack on iran to stop nuclear program by ian black and simon tisdal in guardian.co.uk

Thoughts on tsa new regs by doug hagmann in northeast intelligence network.com

Guardian uk commentary on wikileaks docs

Cable leaked by wikileaks reveals [us govt admitted] Honduras coup was illegal by Kevin gosztola

Communication from law enforcement against prohibition [of marijuana] :DEA outlaws marijuana substitute, and Colorado is in process of putting legalization on their ballot

From haaretz.com [Israel]:wikileaks reveals that Israel tried to coordinate their gaza war with the Palestinian authority and Egypt and both refused to take control of gaza.

Borowitz.com report:satire on tsa being replaced by the popular celebrity gossip website tmz

Commentaries include:ruminations about wikileaks

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday November 24th with Chamba Lane

Date 24 November 2010

Rabble Rousing, Wednesday November 24th with Chamba Lane

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday November 17th with Chamba Lane

Date 17 November 2010

Commentaries include:

Good news:burmense military junta releases ayn sang su chi.We’ll see how long they let her remain free this time.

People power may still be alive in nev co.witness closing of the highly objectionable weaver car lot next to the freeway, and the non opening of the wahgrens super drug store on the prime real estate corner in Brunswick basin.

Articles include:

Fron the American free press:

$14 million in tarp funds end up in pocketsof gop candidates

Was us involved in Israelicyber attack on iran?

Israelsees massive housing boom, thanks to AIG and American taxpayers

Big players moving money out of stocks and into gold [souldthe rest of us being paying attention?]

News from psyops conference [on how media shapes public opinion]

Murdered intern [Chandra levy] had “something important to tell”. And fascintating possible tie in to timothy mcveigh execution with speculation that perhaps the execution was staged and mc veigh did not die.[you like conspiracy theoroies?This one is a doozy]

Good simple explanation of who/what the bilderburger society is all about.

Articles from other sources:

Ireland’s crisis flares as investors dump bonds by shawn pogatchnik in myway .com

Republicans wont help fix the economy by robert reich, from his blog

Humor-Somali pirates refuse to board carnival cruise ships from andy borowitz report

> From smirkingchimpcom:

The money party deficit reduction scam and social security by Michael Collins,

Vermontvoters say no nukesby Harvey wasserman

Humor- Irrational greeks claim they’re entitiled to their own money, by Allison kilkenny

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday November 10th with Chamba Lane

Date 10 November 2010

Commentaries include;

My Response to circulating email re paranoia over ramifications of prop 19 and george soros support

Absurdity of fed dept justice deciding to do nothing to ciafor destroying the tapes of theirtorture sessions.

Further absurdity:feds decide that bp did not cut costs leading to gulf oil spill.The only possible explanation left is “shit happens”

In light of the time and expense entailed in the above absurdities, I then request that all listeners immediately recommend to their elected representatives that I be hired to conduct all such future investigations.I would perform these tasks over a weekend, charge far less, and arrive at the same absurd non conclusions.

Pres peace prize went off to asia to push several nations to help our economy by purchasing our armaments and weapons systems.After all, it’s the only thing we stlll produce..he forgot to ask them to ease up on their civil rights abuses.

Articles include;

> From smirkingchimp.ocm

Jeykll island:the fed and quantative easing 2 have a long history of secrecy.By fred cederholm,

Bs from the bls:things are a lot worse than they are telling us by dave lindorf

Humor- shameless liberal bloggers vote to to extend tax cuts for the rich by Allison kilkenny

From other sources:

Forty million stay home-what a mandate by Edmund Zimmerman in readeersupportednews.com

War with iran would rescue economy by Daniel tencer in source unknows

Lets attack iran-children with matches. Fred reed from his blog fred on everything

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday November 3rd with Chamba Lane

Date 3 November 2010

Articles include:

Brazilelection results from brazil focus

Why is assange still alive by glenn greenwald, salon.com repub in rsn.com

How the fcc can negate citizens united by sue Wilson source unknown

The phantom left by chris hedges truthdig.org repub in opednews.com

Will novenber spell the end of ourdemocracy by paul kruger, ny times

Letter to editor in mt Shasta re chemtrails

Robot sex partners coming soon by terrance aym, opednews.com

Commentaries include;

Warning of sexial predator in sierra collage area

Notes on sf giants triumph in world series

All things considered prop 19 did pretty well, no thanks to law enforcement scare tactics so they could maintain status quo and keep their cash cow flowing

More election musings

Mexican authorities announce largest marijuana bust in history.135 tons, nicely done up in plastic wrapped bricks, sitting in tiajuana awaiting what?How do they move that huge quantity across our border without collusion of border inspectors?

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday October 20th with Chamba Lane

Date 20 October 2010

Commentaries include:

Bbc news announced, with a seemingly serious face, the completion of a massive arms deal between the us and Saudi Arabia, but hastened to reassure listeners that this would not offend nor upset Israel. They obviously forgot to mention why and that beingthe strong probability that the us would provide Israel with enuff weaponry to more than offset whatever the us sold the Saudis.Us weapons manufactures win, and the world loses

On npr I heard a fascinatinglecture by Robert Fiske, long time mid east correspondent for the independent newspaper of London. He was speaking of newspeak and news jargon, andhe made the point that whenever the govt, thru its controlled media,reassures us that anything is “on track“or “ bringing it back on track“you can be certain that it is not on track, never was, and probably never will be.Its pure crapola

Legislature needs to severely increase the penalties for multiple dui convictions

Articles include:

wikileaks and 9-11.what if?By coleen Rowley and bogdan dzakovic in l.a. times

if wikileaks existed back then, whistleblowers who knew a terrorist attack was imminent, would have had a means of alerting the people in spite of govt malfeasance or complicity.

Speak now or forever hold your peace, by coleen Rowley pub by michaelmoore.com.warning us of the ongoing govt attack on all activists opposing govt policies.

Helene Mulholland and Nicholas watt report in the guardian.com.uk about the british prime minister announcing such severe cutbacks in defense spending that for the next decade british air craft carriers will have no fighter jets, and the new and very expensive new aircraft carrier will only be in commission for 3 years before being mothballed

Prop 19 blows smoke around smoking marijuana.An article jointly written by the chief of police of modesto, sheriff, district attorney, and chief probation officer of stanislas county.Extremely biased article filled with mis statements and outright falsehoods and published by sac bee.

The worst is yet to come:foreclosure fraud is the banksters’ least problem, by ed martin.

The new tax man:big banks and hedge funds, by fred Schulte and ben protess writing in hufington post investigative fund

The speech barak obama should have delivered to the American people.Since he wont, Michael moore is saying it for him.

Humor:actual answers to questions posed to 15 yr olds on their GED exams.

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday October 13th with Chamba Lane

Date 13 October 2010

Commentaries include:

The judiciary finally acts responsibly. Federal judge rules that testimony induced by torture is not admissible in court. And then, after a judge ruled that before banks can foreclose and throw people out of their homes, the banks must establish that they have clear title to the property. Whoops, after swapping those flawed mortgages all over the planet, it just might be impossible to establish clear title. So how will the govt bail their bankster buddies out of this one?

Researchers in spain have discovered that injecting thc into tumors can shrink those tumors. But this research is censored in the us, and the govt still ignorantly claims no medical benefits from cannabis.

GAP clothing company changed its logo and customers with plenty of time and a scarcity of brains are protesting. Do you care what the label in your clothing looks like?

And finally, someone in jerry browns campaign was caught in a phone call calling meg Whitman a whore, and bruce maiman made the cogent point that whats the big deal, all politicians are whores.

Articles include:

The coming middle class anarchy: from gonzalolira.blogspot.com

Lawless nation- part 2-congress by Michael Collins

Surprise-the very dark side of U.S. history by peter dale scott and Robert parry pub in alternet.org

Humor- A hilarious series of quotes taken directly from court reporting of exchanges between attorneys and witnesses.

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday October 6th with Chamba Lane

Date 6 October 2010

Rabble Rousing, Commentaries include:

british prime minister announced Britain will pull all its troops out of Afghanistan. Only problem is it wont be for 5 years. Im sure afgans were impressed.

Poor meg Whitman looking like deer caught in headlites, and all over the non issue of her employing illegal alien for 9 years, and then doing what she does so well, lie about it.

Explanation of what constitutes an agreement: time, and specific doable request

Quote from Thomas Jefferson warning us of dangers of central banking, and then quote from j.p. morgan in 1913 which illustrates exactly what Jefferson warned us about.

Articles include:

Essay on the sacrifices of women fighting for the right to vote and present day women not using that hard fought for right.

Retired us officers testify to ufo’s disabling nuclear missiles from womensday.com

Dwight was right by Michael moore from his open mike blog on eisenhowers warning about the industrial military complex

Pot shrinks tumors by Raymond cushing from san Antonio current. Spanish researcher proves THC can shrink tumors in mice. But not reported in us. there was one experiment in Virginia back in 74 that established similar results but it was hushed up and govt tried to have the research papers destroyed.

Chicken hawks can carry my seabag-the heavy one. By bob Higgins writing in smirking chimp.com, on the price all returning military must pay for the horrors they endured or committed during their time at war.

Tom englehardt writes in his tomgram about the securities and exchange commissions’ lack of effort in protecting us from securities fraud, with a spectacular example

Lawless nation—-the executive branch by Michael Collins writing in smirking chimp.com, making the point that the president has virtually taken dictatorial powers, with no restraints from either the legislative nor judicial branches of govt. the system of checks and balances is no more.

Election 2010: legalized money laundering spreads lies with impunity by jerry lanson in opedneews.com. after the supreme court decision, we no longer know who is funding election ads and propaganda.

From the Ottawa globe and mail: a judges ruling in Canada in order to protect the safety of sex trade workers may result in the legalization of prostitution,

And finally, a bit of humor from of all places, the new book by british ex prime minister tony blair. Ah tony, we didn’t know you had it in ya.
Wednesday October 6th with Chamba Lane

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday September 29th with Chamba Lane

Date 29 September 2010

Commentaries include

Regarding the Story of Us army killers for sport finally reaching corporate media. Army worried this story might undermine efforts to build relations with afghans. [just might?]

Articles include: déjà vu: cia’s new secret army by eric Margolis, smrkingchimp.com

Dark curtain of totalitarianism descending on us. by Sherwood ross, smirkingchimp.com

When will white people become civilized? Dennis rahkonen, onlinejournal.com [or net]

Article by bill briggs msnbc on squatters now targeting high value mansions. Banks and the rich are really pissed

Kurt nimmo writes in infowars.com [the alex jones website] about the further decline of the us dollar as world currency and strongly suggests purchasing gold or other precious metals.

Censorship of the internet takes center stage in “online enfringement” bill by Richard esquerra, source unknown

“sweep under the rug Friday” just got real: 3 whjolesale credit unions nationalized author unknown pub in zerohedge. Com

Big doins in Juarez: why we ought to think, but wont by fred reed from fredoneverything. com

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday September 22nd with Chamba Lane

Date 22 September 2010

Commentaries include;

Jury duty summons scam to steal your identity

Catholic church just cant catch a break. First their covering up for their pedophile priests , and now the Vatican bank stands accused of money laundering.

Gridlock in DC.. Congress at standstill as republicans vote against anything and everything the dems propose. If they win back the majority in nov will dems do the same? May be the best thing that could happen. The demise of congress as a mechanism of governance.

While corporate media reports the voting over don’t ask don’t tell as if it were the world series and super bowl combined, one has to wonder what is really going on while we are being diverted by this essentially non issue. Remember if obama does not appeal the federal judges ruling that don’t ask don’t tell is unconstitutional, in short if he does nothing, the game is over. So why the big flap over senate voting on the matter? , Perhaps it’s to divert our attention form the sneak passage of sb 510 which will take away our right to obtain nutritional supplements?

My short and incomplete list of the matters of import we should be allowed to vote on, but of course we cant.

And commentary and reading of article from American free press establishing without question that long before sept 11 2001, the govt possessed the technology to take over control from the ground of any aircraft that they had previously secreted the software in. so do we now believe the govt conspiracy theory that 11 arabs armed only with box cutter knives commandeered those giant airliners and flew them into the 2 towers and the pentagon, which happened to be the most heavily guarded building on the planet, or does it now seem more likely that the aircraft were taken over remotely from the ground and guided into their targets?

Articles include:

The above from American free press

Medical marijuana workers join teamsters union by marcus wohlsen, AP

Charles davis writing in change.org blog about letter released by more than 30mretired law enforcement officials including judges and police chiefs who are supporting prop 19, not because they want citizens to smoke pot but because legalizing it will be better for society

New test show key witnesses lied at mumia abu jamal trial: sidewalk murder scene should have showed bullet impacts. Goes on to illustrate police investigative misconduct, as well as casting suspicion upon the witnesses and their motives in falsely testifying..

Humorous article by jon carroll in sf chronicle on dueling truthiness rallies in wash dc arranged by jon stewart and steven Colbert, acheduled for oct 30.

The angry rich, by paul krugman in ny times

Famed civil rights photographer was secret fbi informant. By Michael calderone in smirking chimp.com

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday September 15th with Chamba Lane

Date 15 September 2010

Commentaries include;

Jerry brown reminds voters that bill Clinton lies, then backpedals when someone reminds him he may need Clintons endorsement. Meanwhile meg Whitman lies repeatedly in her campaign ads. Maybe its time to vote for bozo the clown for gov.

wall st journal reports largest arms sale in history to Saudi Arabia, a country not at war with anyone and needing more arms about as much as a bull needs teats. Look for comparable sales to Israel and every other mid east nation. While the us economy remains in the tank, The defense industry is alive and well.

read article from ny times re fed judge throwing case out of court “in interests of national security” with commentary questioning what why this is an issue of national security, and positing it is instead exactly what atty gen eric holder assured us it would not be: simply a means of the govt avoiding embarrassment. On one level, the issue is can torturers and those sleazy lawyers that gave bush/cheney the go ahead to authorize torture be sued by their victims. But on a deeper level, the issue is: can the govt escape responsibility for anything and everything by hiding behind the flimsy excuse of national security.

Articles include:

The billionaires banking the tea party by frank rich in ny times

Remembering “hate for sale” by rudolfo f. acuna. The sordid history of persecuting minorities in americam for convenient reasons

Other countries probing bush era torture-why aren’t we? By shashank Bengali in mc clachy newspapers

Fidel castro interviewed by Jeffery Goldberg in atlantic magazine, wherein castro makes some remarkable statements and admissons.

Do not pity the democrats by chris hedges in truthdig.com

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday September 8th with Chamba Lane

Date 8 September 2010

Legalized marijuana and prescription pot

Nevada County District Attorney Cliff Newell is Chamba Lane’s guest and will answer your questions on Prop 19 and how it impacts medical marijuana.

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday August 25th with Chamba Lane

Date 25 August 2010

Rabble Rousing, Wednesday August 25th with Chamba Lane

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Rabble Rousing, Wednesday August 18th with Chamba Lane

Date 18 August 2010

Separation of church and hate: the kate mosque solution by greg palest

Bradley manning and the secret world by john grant pub in thiscantbehappening.net

Thecno-thriller: why was goldman sachs worried about one nerdy sentence? By r.j.eskow pub in smirkingchimp.com

Moose offer trail of clues on arthritis by pam belluck pub in ny times.com

Freedom and illusion, mostly illusion by fred reed, from his blog fred on everything

Commentaries include:

Some airline steward loses it, insults his passengers and escapes by sliding down the emergency slide, and goes home. A neighbor reports scores of law enforcement, and helicopter, and swat team descends upon his house to arrest him. Note that he has harmed no one. What is wrong with this picture?

Im looking for a copy of an album that has reggae groups playing grateful dead songs. Its called fire on the mountain and has vol 1 and vol 2. if anyone can make me a cd copy, I would appreciate it.

Two interesting conversations with ex military who had served in iraq.

Wikileaks calls pentagons bluff and invites them to vet docs before release. Response from pentagon? Silence.

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