The Other Side • The World Of Cazazza - Hour 1

Date 22 February 2012

ToeNail February 21: 8pm - 10pm

“The World Of Cazazza”
According to legend, there are multiple Monte Cazazza's inhabiting the planet earth's current biosphere. On this episode we'll spend 2 hours, live-in-the-studio, with at least one (if not more) of these enigmatic Cazazza characters AKA: an American artist and composer best known for his seminal role in helping shape the early landscape of industrial music through recordings with the London-based Industrial Records in the mid-1970s. Sure to be an eye & ear popper, so why not take a chance and join host Mikail Graham, could be quite a fun time (or maybe not?).

Monte Cazazza & Mikail Graham

this podcast also includes an extra 20 mins of music that was included in the show aired 2-21-12  on KVMR

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