The Other Side • An Evening with Meri St. Mary - Hour 1

Date 18 July 2012



“The Life & Times of Meri St. Mary”
Punk poet chanteuse, musician and artist Meri St. Mary was part of the early punk music scene in Hollywood. She was involved in numerous projects ranging from a Ramones video and the punk classic Suburbia as well as a plethora of bad TV shows & movies. In the early 80’s she moved to SF & started the band Housecoat Project with Eric Rad Yuncker, Michel Schorro and Erol Cengiz. In the 90’s Meri started a band called Sex is A Witch in SF. In 2007 she resurfaced as an award winning broadcaster at KVMR in Nevada City. 2009 saw Meri recording with Lemon de George and she produced her first acoustic solo CD “I’m Back”. Also in 2009 and 2010, she had her poetry published for the first time in the Chiron Review and OutofOur a respected SF poetry magazine as well as prose published in "Primal Urge: A Journal for Diverse Humans" in 2011. Truly a woman of many talents, join host MIkail Graham as he interviews Meri to find out even more & all live from the other side.


This show originally aired on July 17, 2012
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