The Good News Show, Thursday, June 24th

Date 24 June 2010

Host & producer Mikail Graham with guest host Phyllis Boorinakis.

Special guest Nevada County acupuncturist China Roberson

Featuring uplifting stories including environmental breakthroughs, modern day heroes, progress toward a more sustainable planet and eco-friendly food, plus people who are making a difference in their communities.

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The Good News Show was born on Christmas Eve of 2004, when Utah Phillips and I were discussing our dismay over the amount of negative news flooding the airwaves and the media as a whole. We knew then that a new vehicle was needed to showcase positive news stories. Following that conversation, a quick pitch to Program Director Steve Baker was made and just over a month later in February 2005 the Good News Show started airing once a month on KVMR FM Nevada City. mikail graham

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