The Beer Show Episode #1

Date 19 March 2017

Check out episode #1 of The Beer Show with your hosts Tom Dalldorf, editor and publisher of Celebrator Beer News, and KVMR's own Wesley Robertson, host of Rockin-N-Stompin for a brand new show aimed at promoting craft beer knowledge and good beer appreciation and of course to entertain KVMR radio’s audience.



 Get MP3 (43.1 MB | 52:55 min)


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  2. DanielVinson says:

    8 November 2017

    I have one idea but I need your help guys. I work on a school project 'Help your academic performance' where I would love to run a lecture for students on how beer can negatively affect youngsters while they study. I would also love to invite anexpert to be interviewed in your studio. The main  idea is that she will explain that alcoholic drinks, even the slightest like beer can affrect thinkng and reduce academic performance. Besids we will encourange students to essayhave, tell them how studying is important for them.

    Will you help my project?

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