Earth Mysteries, Monday, November 8th, Terrence McKenna's "Timewave Zero" and Clif High's "The Tipping Point Change"

Date 8 November 2010

Terrence McKenna’s computer program “Timewave Zero” (available at multiple sites on the net) shows a huge “novelty wave” occurring at the end of this week. The wave dwarfs the wave seen on 9/11/2001. This indicates some momentous occurrence in human history.

Clif High at sends out web bots which look for changes in language. He has pinpointed the “tipping point” to occur at 6:50 am PST on November 14th.

What will the momentous event be?

Of the possibilities on the horizon there are a few. One of these should be talked about more and more as next Sunday approaches, and the one on the news the most will probably be it. The possibilities include: Suxtnet virus – brings down the internet (which includes banking and commerce)... Terrorist attack on Washington DC (Obama left town)...collapse of the dollar on world markets….War in India/Pakistan… Israel attacks Iran…or volcanic activity in the ring of fire, ie another Krakatoa – like eruption which plunges the world into a mini ice age for several years…or yep, the big earthquake in California.

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