Earth Mysteries, Monday, November 22nd, John Brooker

Date 22 November 2010

Our guest today on the Earth Mysteries show is John Brooker. He has written several books, including “If Heaven is so Wonderful why Come Here?” and Darkness Into Light : Rescuing Souls on the Other Side. Mr. Brooker is 87 years old, has been a Spiritualist Minister for over 50 years. He specializes in rescuing souls who have died, but don’t know it. He describes the process of leading souls to the light. Many of his statements ring true with Earth Mysteries listeners: “There is no death” “ We create our own reality by the thoughts we think” There is nothing but love and acceptance in the spirit world” “Good and evil are value judgments based on what is acceptable or unacceptable to the observer” . Mr. Brooker’s books are available from Blue Dolphin Press in Grass Valley.

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