The UnderNews Wednesday May 06 2015

Date 6 May 2015

Keep It California is the topic of this show.

Kevin Hendrick, Vice Chair and spokesperson for Keep It California along with Margaret Joenke, Nevada County Coordinator, are our guests discussing Keep It California

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Earthquakes - Eldridge Moores - Soundings - March 22, 2011

Date 22 March 2011

Mt. Shasta bears a strong resemblance to Mt. Fujiyama. No coincidence: the tectonic setting of Cascadia – the Northern California to British Columbia – is much like that of Japan, so California and Japan share styles of volcanism … and patterns of seismicity.

Readers of John McPhee’s Assembling California will be familiar with Eldridge Moores’s (UC Davis) seminal work in plate tectonics. I spoke with Moores about earthquakes, tsunamis and gold.

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