Matt Robinson Exercise, HIIT, & Cell Metabolism

Date 20 April 2017

Matthew Robinson et. al assessed the effects of three difference exercise modalities—High Intensity Interval Training, Resistance Training, and Combination Training—in young and older adults. While all enhanced insulin sensitivity, only HIIT and combined training improved aerobic capacity, associated with enhanced translation of mitochondrial proteins. HIIT effectively improved cardio-metabolic health parameters in aging adults into their 70s. The biggest response was among older adults who participated in HIIT; among the older adults, almost 400 genes improved function following three months of training.

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Conversations with Michael Stone, Tuesday September 14th, Luis Diaz - Cellular Memory Release

Date 14 September 2010

Luis Diaz, author of Memory in the Cells presents a simple, yet radical, way to heal and transform negative experiences through Cellular Memory Release (CMR) to create a more full and harmonious life. Luis created the Cellular Memory Release technique out of his training and practice in oriental medicine, shiatsu, acupuncture, holistic nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, Touch for Health and NLP-Neurolinguistic Programming. He resides locally in Nevada County.

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