The Women's Show: Divas and Achievas, Monday October 4th

October 4, 2010 by KVMR Women

Tonight’s show has Elena Powell and her new band, Chimera. We enjoy some delightful live music and learn about her new band with Elena Powell, Janice Polucha, and Bob Polucha.

Download MP3 (24 MB | 52:43 min)

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The KVMR Women's Collective meets bi-monthly for a potluck& scheduling meeting.
Elena Powell's website
Elena Powell's website

Celtic Cadence Wednesday September 8th interview with William Coulter

September 8, 2010 by Annie

On Wednesday evening September 8th, guest host Phillip Wright spoke with William Coulter, one of the musicians that will be performing at KVMR’s 2010 Celtic Festival. William is a gifted musician with a new CD out, The Road Home. The conversation ranged from learning music by ear to guitar tunings and William’s experiences working with Brian Finnegan.

Download MP3 (4 MB | 17:43 min)

Celtic Cadence on KVMR
Contemporary folk and traditional music of Ireland and other Celtic nations.
William Coulter's website
William Coulter's website