The Underground Sound - Dishing the Tea w/CHRIS D (Flesh Eaters) Special

Date 29 December 2017

Dishing the Tea w/CHRIS D (Flesh Eaters) Xmas Eve Special

Meri St. Mary host of The Underground Sound interviews Chris Desjardins of the Flesh Eaters
With popup guest  Monte Cazazza.








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A Conversation with Cosey Fanni Tutti

Date 29 November 2017

Meri St. Mary host of the Underground Sound interviews Cosey Fanni Tutti with Monte Cazazza.

"art sex music" her new 2017 book is talked about and lots more, this is an episode not to miss!





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Timothy Shaffer on Civil Discourse

Date 19 December 2016

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BikeTalk 5 Don Drageset 12.17.08

Date 20 June 2013

Don Drageset talks about his life in the cycling industry since he was a young lad to his later days


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BikeTalk 9.19.12 "doping in the sport of cycling"

Date 20 September 2012

BikeTalk on KVMR 89.5 FM Nevada City – September 19, 2012 – show topic: Doping in the Sport of Cycling. show host – Chris Kelly, Heather Mandeville. phone in guests: John Brady, Nathan Dahlberg & Inga Thompson.

chris kelly

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Adios Babylon Wed Jul 18 2012

Date 24 July 2012

Adios Babylon Wed Jul 18 2012

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Chris Difford Interview KVMR June 27, 2012

Date 28 June 2012

Live interview with Chris Difford of Squeeze. june 27th 2012 9:30am. with host Mike Bissell and Chris Kelly.


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The Underground Sound Thursday April 12, 2012 Award Winning Film maker CHRISTINA BECK interview

Date 18 April 2012

Listen in as Meri St. Mary talks with Christina Beck, a LA native who got her start in such cult films as SUBURBIA, Boys Next Door & Dudes all directed by Penelope Spheeris.  Christine pursued  her acting bug by performing in off off off Broadway plays in NYC. Back in LA Christina wrote, directed & starred in such short films as Disco Man & Blow Me.  Christina’s first feature film is entitled PERFECTION (which she wrote, directed, produced & starred) that is on the Festival Circuit where she has been receiving accolades & awards for PERFECTION which deals with “self injury” as a topic of importance (the statistics for women are staggering). Tune in as Christina shares her vision, her journey & the harsh realities of making an independent film: she is funny, humble & down to earth sharing her “labor of love” PERFECTION that just screened at the SF International Women’s FIlm Festival to a packed house with intelligent Q & A afterwards. Christina & I bonded during the earlier punk scene  in Hollywood, so some fun stories ensue! Oh & we forgot to mention we were in a band together TOEJAM w/ Christina, Maggie & myself.  Also the interview is sprinkled with weather reports in NC as the power went out.  PERFECTION is a love story at heart both men & women should see this film!  There is hope & recovery for the “self injury” that afflicts so many.  NOW – go get yer indie film on & enjoy the hell out of Christina’s humor, vision & experience!  Oh & the Damned figure heavily in the soundtrack!!!  PERFECTION! Both illusion & reality as we are all perfect in our own way! Unfortunately, due to the power outage the last ten minutes of the interview are unattainable, however we plugged Christina’s contacts & verbalized the proverbial “love-fest” for each other!!!

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BikeTalk 2.22.2012 NAHBS

Date 26 February 2012

NAHBS - The 2012 "North American Handmade Bicycle Show," with guests, Don Walker, Richard Sachs, Craig Calfee, and Steve Rex. BikeTalk show host and engineer, Chris Kelly and co-host, Heather Mandeville....




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The Homestead Radio Hour - Handmade Holidays, December 2011

Date 16 December 2011

With hosts Phyllis and Julia Boorinakis-Harper

What are your favourite gifts to make and give? What handmade treats will you be giving this year? On this month’s episode of the Homestead Radio Hour: we’re celebrating Handmade Holidays, and we want to hear your suggestions for local, sustainable, useful, and meaningful presents. From jams and jellies to cozy hand-knit socks to great garden tools and must-have guidebooks, homesteaders always think outside the gift box… and our listeners are no exception!

Plus, we talk with Jim and Ginger Armstrong, of Snowy Peaks Christmas Tree Farm in Foresthill, about their 14 years in the tree-growing business. Find out why a fresh, locally-grown, natural, and real tree is the sustainable and eco-friendly choice, and how these farmers are caring for their land while cultivating family holiday traditions.

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The Women's Show, Monday, December 6th, interview with Sonika Tinker & Christian Pedersen

Date 6 December 2010

Sonika Tinker, Founder of Love Works For You, & her husband Christian Pedersen, discuss how to create relationships that inspire you to rise. Step into the room of love, connection and possibility, and experience this couple’s radical new approach to relating and get a taste of what is possible in relationship!

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Best of Health, Friday May 28th, Interview with Christina Ivazes, local parenting author & educator

Date 28 May 2010

Nevada County educator and author Christina Ivazes gave us her approach to parenting, which throws out the unquestioned assumptions of mainstream culture and looks at children’s real needs-physical, spiritual, emotional, and cognitive. Christina Ivazes’ suggestions are both novel and down-to-earth.

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