What the Federal Funding Flap Means to KVMR, March 11th

Date 11 March 2011

As you may have heard, the House of Representatives zeroed out all funds for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This would have drastic effects on all public media, particularly community radio stations.

Because of our excellent track record and service, KVMR has been awarded over $110,000 in CPB funds this year, approximately 12 % of our budget. (In contrast, only 2% of National Public Radio’s budget comes directly from CPB).

You can learn more about federal funding of community radio and public media in this special “Talkies” program with Ginny Berson, vice president and director of services for the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, discussing the funding crisis on “The Talkies” with KVMR General Manager David Levin and Program Director Steve Baker.

You can find out about the national campaign to preserve federal funding for public media at 170millionAmericans.org

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