Best of Health: Erica McAlister, Secret Life of Flies

Date 23 January 2018

Erica McAlister, Senior Curator of Flies and Fleas at the Natural History Museum, London; and author of “The Secret Life of Flies,” discusses the benefits and risks of flies to the human population.

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Interview with Kimberly Bass

Date 16 October 2016

Tuesday Music Magazine host Johnny Gallagher, in a live in-studio interview with musician & songwriter Kimberly Bass.

Originally aired Tuesday, October 11, 2016


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Good Stuff: Interview with Dave Nachmanoff

Date 16 October 2016

Kim Patton Rogers, host of Good Stuff interviews Dave Nachmanoff including with live performances and more.


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Rockin-N-Stompin: Interview & Performance by the Austin Lounge Lizards

Date 15 October 2016

Rockin-N-Stompin host Wesley Robertson hanging with the Austin Lounge Lizards talkin' and pickin' LIVE on KVMR Saturday, October 15, 2016.


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Friday Music Magazine: Interview with Melissa Mitchell & The Hope Social Club & Justin Farren

Date 15 October 2016

Live on the Espresso Music Magazine on KVMR

Melissa Mitchell & the Hope Social Club, Justin Farren interviewed and performing LIVE on Hap Hazard's Music Magazine show. Fabulous live music on KVMR! This is REAL RADIO! And what an immensely heart warming gathering, all around the campfire of music!


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You Decide Wed Aug 03 2011

Date 3 August 2011

You Decide provides information and opinion from various points of view to challenge you, the listener, to think and decide for yourself.
You Decide features independent media, alternative views, call-ins, interviews, information not found in mainstream media or any combination thereof.
Minds are like parachutes, they only work when open.

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The Underground Sound Thursday July 7 2011 interview with Dave Boles of Primal Urge Magazine (A Journal for Diverse Humans)

Date 7 July 2011


Primal Urge Magazine cover for April/May 2011

Meri St. Mary interviews Dave Boles of Primal Urge Magazine (A Journal for Diverse Humans) who is an investigative reporter, printer, poet who gives voice in his publication to other poets, artists, photographers, musicians & is not afraid to get political with his expose’s ranging from “The Incarceration of America” to Bradley Manning.

Dave Boles, a Grass Valley resident, is at once intelligent & intense with the heart of a poet. Speaking of poets, he also is producing “Poetry With Legs” in Sacramento to featured poets & open mic. Dave started Primal Urge in the early 80’s & is still going strong, giving meaning to one of my favorite little ditties: If you’re not Angry, you’re Not Awake!!!

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