Frozen Bubble Music

Date 1 January 2015

This is a TEST posting of Audio by Paule Castro for the audio content management system called PodHawk.
The Audio file is not protected by restrictive copyrights, as far as I know,
being part of an open source project and written for it.

This listing is used to test Media UPloads, and the like.

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The Underground Sound: Todd Wahoske - "You Are The Maniac" - Nov 3, 2013

Date 22 November 2013

The Underground Sound Halloween Special 2013 is finally here! Listen in as Meri St. Mary talks with Todd Wahoske about his new card game “You Are The MANIAC” for the ultimate horror film fanatics to get their scare on & become the last standing maniac!!! In this hour we cover how Todd took his inspiration to fruition through successful Kickstarter funding and loads of hard work. Based on 80’s horror flicks (indeed, even the box looks like an old VHS) there are dastardly foes and evil to overcome and dominate through the good old fashion fun of a card game! Cool graphics & extra points for killing the hipster couple (YEAH!) along with a variety of familiar faces/disgraces from yer fav slasher movies of yore (rhymes with gore). EEEEK i gotta go the creepy lunch lady is holding a meat clever, so check it out and start a “You Are The MANIAC” craze at your local cafe, especially if you’re staying at A Cabin In The Woods………...

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Chew's Reviews, Friday November 12th, “Fair Game”

Date 12 November 2010

Chew’s Reviews, Friday November 12th, “Fair Game”

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