Matt Robinson Exercise, HIIT, & Cell Metabolism

Date 20 April 2017

Matthew Robinson et. al assessed the effects of three difference exercise modalities—High Intensity Interval Training, Resistance Training, and Combination Training—in young and older adults. While all enhanced insulin sensitivity, only HIIT and combined training improved aerobic capacity, associated with enhanced translation of mitochondrial proteins. HIIT effectively improved cardio-metabolic health parameters in aging adults into their 70s. The biggest response was among older adults who participated in HIIT; among the older adults, almost 400 genes improved function following three months of training.

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Earth Mysteries, Monday, November 8th, Terrence McKenna's "Timewave Zero" and Clif High's "The Tipping Point Change"

Date 8 November 2010

Terrence McKenna’s computer program “Timewave Zero” (available at multiple sites on the net) shows a huge “novelty wave” occurring at the end of this week. The wave dwarfs the wave seen on 9/11/2001. This indicates some momentous occurrence in human history.

Clif High at sends out web bots which look for changes in language. He has pinpointed the “tipping point” to occur at 6:50 am PST on November 14th.

What will the momentous event be?

Of the possibilities on the horizon there are a few. One of these should be talked about more and more as next Sunday approaches, and the one on the news the most will probably be it. The possibilities include: Suxtnet virus – brings down the internet (which includes banking and commerce)... Terrorist attack on Washington DC (Obama left town)...collapse of the dollar on world markets….War in India/Pakistan… Israel attacks Iran…or volcanic activity in the ring of fire, ie another Krakatoa – like eruption which plunges the world into a mini ice age for several years…or yep, the big earthquake in California.

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