The Talkies, Wednesday July 6th 2011, KUSF In Exile

Date 6 July 2011

On January 18th of 2011 the University of San Francisco shut down SF’s only student & community radio station KUSF, why? Due to a 3.7 million dollar profit/hostile corporate takeover!

KVMR’s Meri St. Mary talks with KUSF’s DJ volunteers Irwin Swirnoff, Kenya Lewis & attorney Alan Korn to get the 411 on how, in a bold Kafkaesque move, a private corporation bought the station.

KUSF has a 34 year history, is broadcast in 12 different languages and is one of the leading voices in broadcasting independent music (giving exposure to thousands upon thousands of bands). This case is not alone, this is a scary trend, listen in to hear about it!

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