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Date 7 October 2017

Sages James Berardi Oct, 4, 2017.mp3

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Judge supports Prop 19, Tuesday October 19th

Date 19 October 2010

Retired California Judge and Federal Prosecutor James Gray is a strong supporter of Proposition 19, which will legalize the recreational use of marijuana. He spoke with KVMR’s Paul Emery about the proposition.

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Conversations, Tuesday, July 20th James William Gibson: Re-enchanted World: A New Kinship With Nature

Date 20 July 2010


James William Gibson is the author of Warrior Dreams: Paramilitary Culture in Post-Vietnam America and The Perfect War: Technowar in Vietnam. A frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Times and winner of multiple grants and fellowships, including a Guggenheim, Gibson is a professor of sociology at California State University, Long Beach.

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