Jim Pugh Blues Spectrum Mar 26, 2017

Date 28 March 2017

Jim Pugh Blues Spectrum Mar 26, 2017

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The Underground Sound Thursday December 23rd, with SF writer Jim Morton of Incredibly Strange Films et al

Date 23 December 2010

Jim Morton

Meri St. Mary interviews one of San Francisco’s most imminent authorities on underground films from the wackiest to the profound that are not likely seen. Jim Morton has been showing & archiving movies from back in the day. He has written & put out such fanzine’s as Trashola, Pop Void, and most notoriously (through RE/Search) Incredibly Strange Films which some consider the holy grail of such films. Jim recently went to Australia to give lecture regarding strange & interesting films. He has written extensively about films, pop culture & advertising. He currently is one of the most respected bloggers regarding East German Cinema. Listen in to this articulate & informative interview.

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The Underground Sound Thursday November 11th, Interview with Lennon Studios in San Francisco

Date 11 November 2010

Lennon Studios logo

Meri St. Mary and Monte Cazazza interview Carole Lennon and Jimmy Crucifx of Lennon Studios. Carole started providing rehearsal space for San Francisco’s underground/punk musicians in 1984 on the fabulously derelict Capp Street, hence the nom de plume Capp Street Studios. Due to insanely increased rent by greedy landlords (hello! this still exists) Carole relocated to the current location at 271 Dore Alley & enlisted Jimmy Crucifix (a seasoned musical veteran) as a partner/technician. Between Carole & Jimmy the Studio provides hourly & lock outs to some of San Francisco’s finest local and touring musicians as well as a beautiful Sound Stage that can be rented for a variety of events. From the infamous to the famous all are treated professionally, with courtesy and alot of hospitality.

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