BikeTalk 5 Don Drageset 12.17.08

Date 20 June 2013

Don Drageset talks about his life in the cycling industry since he was a young lad to his later days


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BikeTalk 9.19.12 "doping in the sport of cycling"

Date 20 September 2012

BikeTalk on KVMR 89.5 FM Nevada City – September 19, 2012 – show topic: Doping in the Sport of Cycling. show host – Chris Kelly, Heather Mandeville. phone in guests: John Brady, Nathan Dahlberg & Inga Thompson.

chris kelly

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Chris Difford Interview KVMR June 27, 2012

Date 28 June 2012

Live interview with Chris Difford of Squeeze. june 27th 2012 9:30am. with host Mike Bissell and Chris Kelly.


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BikeTalk 2.22.2012 NAHBS

Date 26 February 2012

NAHBS - The 2012 "North American Handmade Bicycle Show," with guests, Don Walker, Richard Sachs, Craig Calfee, and Steve Rex. BikeTalk show host and engineer, Chris Kelly and co-host, Heather Mandeville....




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Billy Kelly Memorial

Date 7 March 2011

On Friday March 4th outside in downtown Nevada City friends and family gathered for a memorial for Billy Kelly who died on February 27th while camping under the Broad Street Bridge. KVMR recorded these stories and songs at the memorial.

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