Live on Notes From Underground : July 15, 2012 : Lux Interna

Date 28 July 2012

alt. sunday nights with host julia v.b.h.

“Lux Interna crafts aural altars to the inner light. Formed by Joshua Levi Ian and Kathryn Mary, the project has hosted a shifting constellation of talents over the years, each leaving their trace upon the musical landscape. Through tapestries of minor chords, voices, delicate drones and violent sprawls of sound, Lux Interna has continued to hymn the hidden god with impassioned intensity, seeking fire in the tension between transcendence and immanence.”

The band play an hour-long set live on Notes From Underground, featuring music from their forthcoming album, there is light in the body / there is blood in the sun.

 Get MP3 (40 MB | 57:28 min)