The UnderNews - October 17 2017 - Mark Blaxil: Vaccines, their myths and dangers

Date 20 October 2017

Author of three books on vaccines, their myths and their dangers (Age of Autism, Vaccines 2.0, and Denial), Mark Blaxill is the father of a vaccine-injured child.

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Sages Mark Vance Sep_27_2017_

Date 2 October 2017

Sages Mark Vance Sep_27_2017_

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Nevada County Young Composers 6-4-17

Date 8 June 2017

Nevada County Young Composers 6-4-17

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Random Rants Wednesday July 16 2014

Date 16 July 2014

Random Rants, because everyone is entitled to my opinion.

The State of Jefferson with guest Mark Baird is the topic of this show.

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The Homestead Radio Hour: Nevada County's Sustainable Food and Farm Conference 2013 - Interview with Joel Salatin, Mark Baker, Sean Croxton, and Eric Dickerson - January 2013

Date 18 January 2013

With hosts Phyllis and Julia Boorinakis-Harper

On this edition of The Homestead Radio Hour, hosts Phyllis and Julia talk with the guest speakers and organizers of this remarkable local event, including farmer and author Joel Salatin, sustainable rancher Mark Baker, Underground Wellness Radio host Sean Croxton, and farmer-organizer Eric Dickerson. Tune for a lively conversation about real food, independent farming, sustainability, and keeping it local.

Nevada County’s Sustainable Food and Farm Conference will once again bring together an internationally renowned panel of speakers, local and national farming related businesses and organizations, and the public, for a weekend full of informative lectures, lively discussion, a food and farming exposition, plus numerous workshops for all levels of farming and ranching.

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