Notes From Underground : January 8, 2012 : Anton Barbeau : Hour 1

Date 10 January 2012

alt. sunday nights with host julia v.b.h.

An evening of cosmic rockery, dusty vinyl, and live music and conversation with Anton Barbeau.

Hour 1 features Anton’s new record and band with Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor, Three Minute Tease, as well as Anton playing solo live in the studio.

“More than two decades after pop-savvy acid-eaters like John Lennon and Syd Barrett cracked the cosmic egg, this Sacramento songwriter slithered forth with a pure distillation of lyrical jabberwocky, brain-burrowing melody and mystical psych-guitar fuzz.” -SPIN Magazine, “The 100 Greatest Bands You’ve (probably) Never Heard”

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Anton Barbeau Interview on The Other Side 5/31/2011

Date 13 June 2011

BadgeMikail Graham and Julia Boorinakis Harper chat with Anton Barbeau, live from Cambridge, England. His latest project, Three Minute Tease, finds Anton teaming up with Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor, formerly of Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians and The Soft Boys.

“With but a few years remaining until 2012, Anton Barbeau has been busier than ever, spreading his “pre-apocalyptic psychedelic pop” far and wide. California-born, but currently residing in Cambridge, England, Barbeau has toured the UK from tip to tail, has confused and amused audiences from Istanbul to Berlin, and is as awkwardly comfy in a smoke-and-feedback drenched village farmhouse as he is in an Paris piano bar.”

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