Conversations with Michael Stone, Tuesday September 21st, Nina Simons: Women's leadership and leading from the Feminine

Date 21 September 2010

Nina Simons co-founded Bioneers in 1990, a nonprofit that identifies, promotes and connects breakthrough solutions for our most pressing environmental and social challenges. Previously, she was President of Seeds of Change and Director of Strategic Marketing for Odwalla. Now, Nina translates her life experience to inspire and inform the emerging leadership of others, with an increasing focus on the leadership of women and restoring the ‘feminine’ within us all.

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Conversations, Friday, March 12th Nina Simons Cultivating Women's Leadership

Date 14 March 2010


Nina Simons is a social entrepreneur, producer and communicator who has applied an innovative approach to developing successful not-for-profit and for-profit ventures over the past twenty years. She is currently co-executive director of Bioneers/ Collective Heritage Institute

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