He Said She Said Apr 28, 2017

Date 28 April 2017

He Said She Said Apr 28, 2017

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He Said, She Said Sept 29, 2016

Date 17 April 2017

He Said, She Said Sept 29, 2016

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Live In The Studio: Shay Dillon & Paul Kraushaar

Date 15 December 2016

Jenny Michael interviews Shay Dillon and Paul Kraushaar about their upcoming perfromance at the 11th Annual Night Of Giving bennefit for Hospitality House Shelter aka Utah's Place.


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To listen to Shay and Paul perform click here

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The Underground Sound Thursday December 9th, Interview with Paul Roessler

Date 9 December 2010

Paul Roessler

Meri St. Mary interviews Paul Roessler one of my favorite keyboard players, who was in the groundbreaking synth punk band THE SCREAMERS. Paul played in numerous Hollywood bands & art/music projects throughout the years including: Twisted Roots, Nervous Gender, Geza X & the Mommymen, 45 Grave, DC3, Josie Cotten, Nina Hagen & Crimony & The Deadbeats. Paul has continued to work with Geza X at Satellite Park Studios in Malibu. Paul continues to write his own music & is currently recording a new album. Look for his new collaboration with Nina Hagen on her upcoming gospel album. He’s an amazing talent & profoundly sweet soul, intelligent & aware. Listen in as Paul lets us in on personal experience with his variety of bands & technical know how. You gotta love it!

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Earth Mysteries, Monday, September 20th, Paul Rademacher

Date 20 September 2010

We discussed his book “A Spiritual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” as well as The Monroe Institute. Paul is the executive director of the Monroe institute in Faber VA.

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Good Stuff, Thursday March 12th, 2009 with Paul Barrere of Little Feat

Date 12 March 2009

Kim is joined by Felton Pruitt as she gets a call from Paul Barrere of Little Feat about being on the road for 40 years his upcoming performance at The Center For The Arts on March 14th with Fred Tackett of Little Feat as Paul & Fred – The Acoustic Duo

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