Dead Air - John Taber Interviews rock legend Sam Cutler - 8/13/2011

Date 13 August 2011


features music of the Grateful Dead
and is broadcast every Saturday night
from 8-10pm on KVMR FM

Hosts include:

Winfield, Richard Dunk or John Taber

This podcast features a live interview with rock legend Sam Cutler

Sam Cutler

Sam Cutler (born in England, 1943) is best known as former tour manager for the Rolling Stones. Cutler co-ordinated the Dead's appearances at a number of memorable events including: the 1970 Festival Express Tour of Canada, The Summer Jam at Watkins Glen (at 700,000+ paid admission the largest single paid admission events in rock n roll history), and the 1972 European Tour of the Grateful Dead, the musical results of which can be heard on the Dead's triple live album "Europe '72".

You can check out Sam's blog at: Sam Cutler

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