Sunday Showcase Live in the Studio: The Seven Beer Can Band

Date 22 November 2016

Sunday Showcase LIVE in the studio with Ruby Slippers featuring and interview & live set with The Seven Beer Can Band from Colfax CA.


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 Get MP3 (72.9 MB | 104:43 min)

Women Helping Women SOAR: Interviews with Kimberly Bass and Simrit

Date 16 October 2016

Women Helping Women SOAR” with special guests Simrit and Kimberly Bass

Newly certified broadcasters, Jan Jorgensen Cercone and Betty Louise, recognize and honor women whose Voices affect us in an empowering, uplifting ways.

The transformative feminine Voices of song, magic and mystery are profoundly present in our two guests...two local treasures! Kimberly Bass and Simrit.


 Get MP3 (26.5 MB | 46:09 min)