Sages Kimberly Pepe November 22, 2017

Date 24 November 2017

Sages Kimberly Pepe November 22, 2017

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Sages Jan Arbuckle July 12, 2017

Date 15 July 2017

Sages Jan Arbuckle July 12, 2017

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Sages Alex Gammelgard Jun 14, 2017

Date 23 June 2017

Sages Alex Gammelgard Jun 14, 2017

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Random Rants Wednesday August 20 2014

Date 20 August 2014

What services are available to youth in Nevada County?

Nicola Murphy, a Career Development Consultant at the Nevada County One Stop Business and Career Center is our guest today on Random Rants to discuss programs and services available to Nevada County youth through the One Stop Business and Career Centers in Grass Valley and Truckee.

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The Underground Sound - November 8 2012 - interview & live performance with THE DEVILS TRAIN

Date 9 November 2012

Listen in as Meri St. Mary talks with local punk band THE DEVILS TRAIN for their debut on KVMR. We hear for the first time their upcoming 3 song release “Bloody Candyland” as well as live in studio performance (on an acoustic tip) of some of their other live material. All members: Akasha Hepcat, Alex Bone Daddy Scribs, Johnny K, Jamison Jamo (aka Slick Simmons) & Jo Jo Dinkenstein are from Grass Valley/Nevada City & play regularly in town on diverse bills bringing their “jazz punk from hell” music along with compelling & enthusiastic live performances. THE DEVILS TRAIN are a young band with their own style & are clearly into what they are doing & have that chemistry one longs for when seeing live shows. They are fun & down to earth as they talk about how they got together, what keeps them going as well as their strive for originality in a small town that has supported them with a loyal following of all ages & types who feed off the energy THE DEVILS TRAIN emits ( yeah mosh pits ensue) seemingly effortlessly so the songs & visuals stick in your brain long after you’ve experienced them live. This hour is a fun time for all so if you don’t want to just shut up & watch yer TV, git yer demon inside on & dig the swampy grooves & passionate/provocative vocals from THE DEVILS TRAIN: this is one ride you’ll want to take whether you’re showered in sin or pondering the inevitable rebirth of the soul, a new kinda soul train! Git on the devils train, stay on after every stop & ride bitches, ride.

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KVMR Evening News Tuesday November 30th, The Idaho Maryland Mine project

Date 30 November 2010

The Idaho Maryland Mine project will be submitting it’s amended Environmental Impact Report to the Grass Valley City Council early next year. Paul Emery spoke with David Watkinson, President and CEO of the Idaho Maryland Mine about changes in the new EIR.

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Grass Valley City Council Debate Thursday October 21st

Date 21 October 2010

The four candidates for Grass Valley City Council discuss the issues at a League of Women’s Voters sponsored debate

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