Michael Axelman and The Care Parenting Hour September 22, 2017

Date 23 December 2017

Michael Axelman and The Care Parenting Hour September 22, 2017

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The UnderNews - October 17 2017 - Mark Blaxil: Vaccines, their myths and dangers

Date 20 October 2017

Author of three books on vaccines, their myths and their dangers (Age of Autism, Vaccines 2.0, and Denial), Mark Blaxill is the father of a vaccine-injured child.

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SOS Radio - August 23, 2017 - Allison Rivers-Samson, The Dairy Detox

Date 23 August 2017

On Wednesday, August 23rd I interview Allison Rivers-Samson about the Dairy Detox and the other coaching work she does. Allison Rivers Samson is a Self-care Coach who is passionate about empowering people to prioritize themselves jubilantly, create authentic happiness, and live their lives “on purpose.” Allison is an award-winning author of Comfortably Yum and The Dairy-Freedom Cookbook, Nia Black Belt instructor who transforms exercise into joyful movement, co-creator of The Dairy Detox, and mom.

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Blue Garage with Michael Axelman interview of jazz, gospel, blues vocalist, Joyce Randolph 5-21-17

Date 22 May 2017

Blue Garage with Michael Axelman interview of jazz, gospel, blues vocalist, Joyce Randolph 5-21-17

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Anna Azvolinsky The Effect of Exercise on Telomeres, Oct 14, 2016

Date 16 February 2017

Anna Azvolinsky, PhD, molecular biology; Science and health journalist, life sciences industry consultant

Anna Azvolinsky discusses the effects of exercise on telomeres on Best of Health, October 14, 2016

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Krista Schlyer Mexico Border Wall January 27, 2017

Date 16 February 2017

Krista Schlyer Mexico Border Wall January 27, 2017

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The Undergorund Sound: John Doe & Howe Gelb

Date 12 October 2016

Meri St. Mary chats with John Doe & Howe Gelb on The Underground Sound 9-28-16 - it aired 10-2-16



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The Homestead Radio Hour: July 2013 - Interview with Roger Ingram - Eat Local Placer and Nevada County, PLUS: Homesteader, Farmsteader, Farmer: What's Right For You?

Date 7 August 2013

homestead-vertical-e1426622945341.jpgSo you think you want to be a farmer? A homesteader? A farmsteader? What’s the difference?? On this episode of The Homestead Radio Hour, Phyllis and Julia talk with Roger Ingram, Farm Advisor for Placer and Nevada Counties, about farming vs. homesteading, growing for market, farm business planning, and finding your own ideal balance in it all. Plus great upcoming local food happenings, tastings and events in the area with Eat Local Placer and Nevada Counties!

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The Homestead Radio Hour: Nevada County's Sustainable Food and Farm Conference 2013 - Interview with Joel Salatin, Mark Baker, Sean Croxton, and Eric Dickerson - January 2013

Date 18 January 2013

With hosts Phyllis and Julia Boorinakis-Harper

On this edition of The Homestead Radio Hour, hosts Phyllis and Julia talk with the guest speakers and organizers of this remarkable local event, including farmer and author Joel Salatin, sustainable rancher Mark Baker, Underground Wellness Radio host Sean Croxton, and farmer-organizer Eric Dickerson. Tune for a lively conversation about real food, independent farming, sustainability, and keeping it local.

Nevada County’s Sustainable Food and Farm Conference will once again bring together an internationally renowned panel of speakers, local and national farming related businesses and organizations, and the public, for a weekend full of informative lectures, lively discussion, a food and farming exposition, plus numerous workshops for all levels of farming and ranching.

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Notes From Underground : September 2, 2012 : Stella Natura / Pesanta Urfolk with Adam Torruella

Date 13 September 2012

alt. sunday nights with host julia v.b.h.

Guest-DJ Adam Torruella brings music from artists performing at Stella Natura: The Light of Ancestral Fires, a three-day festival featuring neofolk, metal, and experimental music in the Sierra Nevada’s Tahoe National Forest Desolation Wilderness.

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The Underground Sound - August 30, 2012 - interview w/Cole Palme, Bond Bergland & Joseph T. Jacobs of FACTRIX

Date 3 September 2012

Listen in as Meri St. Mary & Monte Cazazza talk with some of our favorite creative noise meisters: Cole Palme, Bond Bergland & Joseph T. Jacobs of San Francisco’s pioneering electronic/industrial band: FACTRIX. Formed in 1978 they had riveting & compelling live shows as well as 2 releases on Subterranean Records (SCHEINTOT & the Factrix/Cazazza collaboration CALIFORNIA BABYLON) now available as a spankin new reissue on Superior Viaduct. This interview is akin to an audio puzzle with the pieces flying at you in different directions. We cover dead, but not gone, ground featuring Patrick Miller, Tommy Tadlock & the quiet genius of Slava Ranko whose generosity of spirit, & support of audio alchemists enabled Factrix to record Scheintot, their 1st LP. This telephone reunion is as fun as it is informative on subjects such as: chaos, creating tension, teapot whistles, ringtone viruses, radio guitar, glaxobass & Joseph serenading Cole & Bond. In this fantastic stream of consciousness hour a few new songs were created that invite electronics to turn into a nightmare. So get yer Night Of The Succubus DVD ON (with surprise ending courtesy of Mark Pauline of SRL) & laugh like yer catching a straw in the wind!!!!!

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Linda J. Smith, Infant Bedsharing and Safer Sleep

Date 27 August 2012

In a world full of risks, how can parents find the lowest risks in choices concerning their children?

Host Arly helm of KVMR’s “Best of Health,” interviews well-known author Linda J. Smith.

Linda J. Smith, MPH, FACCE, IBCLC, FILCA, consultant to the World Health Organization and Adjunct Instructor, Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, discusses the question of safer sleep for infants.

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Live on Notes From Underground : July 15, 2012 : Lux Interna

Date 28 July 2012

alt. sunday nights with host julia v.b.h.

“Lux Interna crafts aural altars to the inner light. Formed by Joshua Levi Ian and Kathryn Mary, the project has hosted a shifting constellation of talents over the years, each leaving their trace upon the musical landscape. Through tapestries of minor chords, voices, delicate drones and violent sprawls of sound, Lux Interna has continued to hymn the hidden god with impassioned intensity, seeking fire in the tension between transcendence and immanence.”

The band play an hour-long set live on Notes From Underground, featuring music from their forthcoming album, there is light in the body / there is blood in the sun.

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The Underground Sound - May 24 - WINSTON TONG of Tuxedomoon Interview

Date 26 May 2012

Listen in as Meri St. Mary talks with WINSTON TONG a SF native actor/playwright, visual artist, puppeteer & singer/songwriter. He is best known for his vocal work in TUXEDOMOON, and for winning an Obie Award in puppetry for “Bound Feet” in 1978 (about a rather atrocious practice of male oppression towards women in a rather twisted idea of “beauty”). Winston joined Tuxedomoon in 1977 sporadically recording & performing with the group as well as recording solo material including the electro-pop dance album “Theoretically Chinese” in 1985. Currently Winston is on a “humble little quest” translating Baudelaire & recites two pieces during the show. We cover all sorts of subjects ranging from gods, goddesses, bullies, devils, murderers, vampires, politics, poetry & all manners of the “ Flowers of Evil.” Joining us in the conversation is Lx Rudis another SF native who is teaching analogue & regales us with stories from technology to his bohemian upbringing & more. Of note is the 2008 book “Music for Vagabonds: The Tuxedomoon Chronicles” by Isabelle Corbisier (self published) available on internet & best of all at the SF Main Library. Winston Tong’s song “In A Manner of Speaking” has been covered a staggering 13 times (including a heavy metal version). In 2005 Tong & Tuxedomoon played SF for the first time in two decades. Winston continues to create fascinating works to this day & is truly an elixir for other creative types. In a scary world where the force-fed dumbing down runs rampant I thank the stars for the brave & beautiful spirit that is Winston Tong & his willingness & need to keep pushing the proverbial buttons in a gorgeous poetic manner. If you loved him then, you’ll love him now: articulate, humble, thoughtful, political & poetically representing all the outsider artists of the world. Stay strong we will have out day (& our say)! Now, go out & find everything you can from the multifaceted & multi-talented Winston Tong!

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Down To Earth Monday November 21 2011

Date 21 November 2011

Sienna Gold is a highly skilled intuitive and personal coach whose lighthearted approach helps people enjoy life with ease and a sense of humor.

Traditional metaphysical and new-age thinkers encourage you to release painful memories that cause suffering and just “let them go.” Sienna identifies emotional blocks and then offers a down-to-earth and practical way to look at old patterns and unconscious belief systems that are the root of unpleasant personal and professional experiences in your life. She then provides you with tools and strategies to honestly feel the effects of the past so that it no longer impinges upon the present.

Sex, sexuality and sexual abuse of children are the topics of this show.

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Good Stuff Thursday July 28th, 2011 with Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines

Date 28 July 2011

 Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines on

Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines on “Good Stuff”

In addition to winning several local music awards in San Antonio and Austin (including “Best Singer-Songwriter,” “Best Folk Act” and “Best New Band”), Hendrix co-wrote a Grammy-winning instrumental (“Lil’ Jack Slade”) on the Dixie Chicks’ multi-platinum “Home” album. But the biggest professional and personal honors of her career have all come about in the last year.

In 2010, she was inducted into the South Texas Music Walk of Fame in Corpus Christi, joining such Lone Star luminaries as Guy Clark, Kris Kristofferson and Doug Sahm. She also received the Art of Peace Award from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, honoring her for creating art in the service of peace, justice and human understanding. And in February 2011, she returned to Abilene to receive an Outstanding Alumni Award by Hardin-Simmons University; the award is given each year to three alumni who have attained outstanding achievements in their field of endeavor, community, state or nation. terrihendrix.com

Lloyd Maines, multi-instrumentalist, Grammy-award producer of some of the finest CDs that come out of Texas (and father of Dixie Chick Natalie Maines) is Terri’s right hand man on her tour, adding sweet, deft, tasteful licks and harmonies to her music.

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The Talkies Friday June 24th 2011, From Russia With Love...

Date 24 June 2011

KVMR hosted a delegation of Russian civic officials from Kandalaksha, a city in the Murmansk region of the country above the Arctic Circle. They’d been in Nevada County as part of the Open World exchange program, spending a week meeting with city and county government officials, as well as a visit with some State Assembly members in Sacramento. We talked with them about how community radio is volunteer-driven radio, on air and off, and the differences between KVMR and mainstream media, corporate-owned stations and commercial radio.

Then we invited them into our live on-air studios for an hour discussion about their impressions of America and their government, which has a decidedly younger look than that in the U.S. Find out how by listening:

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Beaucoup Chapeaux interview - 4/15/2011

Date 15 April 2011

Jerianne Van Dijk - The Friday Morning Show
Fridays from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Jeriann Van Dijk

This podcast features a special interview featuring local music favorites Beaucoup Chapeaux showcasing their upcoming CD Release Party and ongoing performances at the Nevada City Classic Café.

Beaucoup Chapeaux

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Soundings - Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - Life in the Universe - Dirk Schultze-Makuch

Date 14 December 2010

Exobiology – the study of extraterrestrial life – is, so far, purely theoretical. But theories guide us in where and how to look. I spoke with Prof. Dirk Schultze-Makuch, astrobiologist at Washington State University, about the physics and chemistry of ET biology.

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The Women's Show, Monday, December 13th, with Dr. Glenda Corwin, author of Sexual Intimacy for Women

Date 13 December 2010

Kelly Moreno from the Women’s Collective interviews Dr. Glenda Corwin, author of Sexual Intimacy for Women. Dr. Corwin’s website is www.drglendacorwin.com. Sexual Intimacy for Women can be purchased online at major booksellers. Prescriptive and poignant, Sexual Intimacy for Women helps female couples (and is also relevant to heterosexual women) examine the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of partnerships as they confront the intimacy challenges within their relationships. This book is for women who wish to reach a deeper level of intimacy with their partner. Dr. Glenda Corwin offers information, research, case studies, and exercises to help women overcome intimacy problems.

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