The Underground Sound - Thurs, 3-31-2011 with Craig Pop Artist

Date 3 April 2011

The Underground Sound
Every other Thursday 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM

Meri St. Mary interviews SF based Craig Pop Artist

Craig Pop Artist

Having been inlfuenced by pop art and rock and roll, Craig began his professional career photographing Queen. While working for Rolling Stone magazine in the 80's he met Robert Mappelthorpe, Stephen Sprouse and Debbie Harry who encouraged him to explore other mediums, thus his patining career began. While working for Oprah Winfery his first illustarations were used in a natinal Ad campaign. Most recently his photography is featured in the book "I am in the band". Craig is proud to show his work at Lennon Studios, Bathroom Murals. Listen in as Craig weaves a tapestry of tales on his journey through the art & entertainment world. He is at once down to earth, articulate, forthcoming and funny.

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Earthquakes - Eldridge Moores - Soundings - March 22, 2011

Date 22 March 2011

Mt. Shasta bears a strong resemblance to Mt. Fujiyama. No coincidence: the tectonic setting of Cascadia – the Northern California to British Columbia – is much like that of Japan, so California and Japan share styles of volcanism … and patterns of seismicity.

Readers of John McPhee’s Assembling California will be familiar with Eldridge Moores’s (UC Davis) seminal work in plate tectonics. I spoke with Moores about earthquakes, tsunamis and gold.

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Conversations with Michael Stone, December 7th, Osprey Orielle Lake, MA: Uprisings For the Earth: Reconnecting Culture with Nature

Date 7 December 2010

Osprey Orielle Lake, is a lifelong advocate of social and environmental justice issues. She is the Director of the Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus, on the governing Board of Praxis Peace Institute and an advisor to the International Eco-Cities Standards initiative. Osprey has traveled to five continents studying ancient and modern cultures while making presentations at international conferences and universities. Her themes concern new cultural narratives and the way public imagery and stories either enhance or distance our relationship with the Earth. Her book, Uprisings for the Earth: Reconnecting Culture with Nature, has just been released.

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Monday Morning Show, December 6th, Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones Magazine

Date 6 December 2010

Everything you may not have known about the Tea Party

Award-winning investigative journalist Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones Magazine has been following the Tea Party movement over the past year and talks about the locally formed national Tea Party Patriots and its founder, Mark Mekler, as well as controversial Tea Party opposition to sustainable development and food safety.

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KVMR Evening News Wednesday December 1st, Building Codes

Date 1 December 2010

On January 1st some new building codes will be in effect for Nevada County. Paul Emery spoke with Brian Wascho, Director of Building for the Nevada County Building Department, about some of these new regulations.

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Universal Tapestry, Tuesday November 9th, a preview of "My Father Who Art in Nature" a film about John Olmsted

Date 9 November 2010


Nature conservationist John Olmsted’s son, Alden Olmsted visited with broadcaster Cheri Snook to share a preview of his film, “My Father Who Art in Nature.” Alden is a screen writer and director in Hollywood where he wrote and is directing the film of his father’s life.

Alden shared the pain of his father’s absence since childhood because John’s journey was and still is with Mother Nature. As a grown man, Alden has come to better understand his father’s calling and his historical accomplishment of preserving hundreds of thousands of acres of California land.

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