The Homestead Radio Hour, November 2014: Thea Chesney and Daniel Nicholson: Wild Mushrooms

Date 28 November 2014

homestead-vertical-e1426622945341.jpgWith hosts Phyllis Boorinakis and Julia Boorinakis Harper

With hosts Phyllis Boorinakis and Julia Boorinakis Harper

Step outside and you can smell it in the air — it’s mushroom season! On this episode of the Homestead Radio Hour, we talk with mycologist/mycophiles Thea Chesney and Daniel Nicholson about the fungal bounty of the Sierra Nevada — this year’s forecast, safe and sensible foraging for edibles, the 17th Annual Fungus Foray and Wild Mushroom Exposition, and more!

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Live on Notes From Underground : March 3, 2013 : PREGNANT

Date 16 March 2013

alt. sunday nights with host julia v.b.h.

Live music and guest-DJ-ing with the band PREGNANT (Placerville, CA)

“Pregnant is called so because it is so: it is the audible rendering of the reflective, kaleidoscopic ideas ceaselessly gestating in the mind of Daniel Trudeau. Two plus decades of living amongst the legions of chattering old folks, teen-age juggalos, and ramshackle junkies that fill the hill-lined recesses of Central Northeast California have led to a weirdly acute understanding of the full spectrum of human expressive possibility. Pregnant is the re-arranged refraction of this sensory input, a beautifully f*ed-up tapestry stitched together from scraps of dormant inklings and theories.” -Ongakubaka

“There’s nothing to fear in a Pregnant record and that kindness is present in their performance…. Pregnant plays traditional venues, but if you have the chance, see them in a living room, a boutique or a basement. Make sure there’s carpet and a place to kneel. It’s best to be as comfortable as the musicians, which means removing your shoes and letting those toes wiggle a little.” -SubMerge

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