BYLT Bioblitz - 17.04.25

Date 8 May 2017

Al Stahler speaks with Rick Ramos, Erin Tarr and Laura Peterson of the Bear-Yuba Land Trust about the upcoming (5-6May) BYLT Bioblitz

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Greg Bratman Nature and Rumination October 21, 2016

Date 16 February 2017

Dr. Greg Bratman of Stanford University discusses his research on the effects on the brain of nature experiences.

Nature experience reduces rumination and subgenual prefrontal cortex activation.

Gregory Bratman, School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences

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KVMR Evening News Tuesday November 30th, The Idaho Maryland Mine project

Date 30 November 2010

The Idaho Maryland Mine project will be submitting it’s amended Environmental Impact Report to the Grass Valley City Council early next year. Paul Emery spoke with David Watkinson, President and CEO of the Idaho Maryland Mine about changes in the new EIR.

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