Sages Kris Vassar 8-16-17

Date 16 August 2017

Sages Kris Vassar 8-16-17

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Sages Alex Gammelgard Jun 14, 2017

Date 23 June 2017

Sages Alex Gammelgard Jun 14, 2017

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Screen Dependency Forum Town Hall

Date 20 April 2017

Screen Dependency Forum - LIVE at the Nevada Theater for a panel discussion with author George Lynn, MA, MPA, LMHC, based upon his book, “Breaking the Trance.” His book presents how our developing children and youth can be detrimentally affected and impacted by use and abuse of handheld media and screens.

Originally aired April 18, 2017


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Sages Kimberly D'Urso 3-29-17

Date 29 March 2017

Sages Kimberly D’Urso 3-29-17

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Greg Bratman Nature and Rumination October 21, 2016

Date 16 February 2017

Dr. Greg Bratman of Stanford University discusses his research on the effects on the brain of nature experiences.

Nature experience reduces rumination and subgenual prefrontal cortex activation.

Gregory Bratman, School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences

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Timothy Shaffer on Civil Discourse

Date 19 December 2016

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Good Stuff: Interview with Butch Hancock

Date 5 November 2016

Kim Rogers interview Butch Hancock who will be performing with his son Rory on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 7:30p, at the Off Center Stage in Grass Valley.

Click Here for more info on the show

Click Here for more info on Good Stuff


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KVMR SPECIAL TOWN HALL: Food Insecurity Forum

Date 2 November 2016

Food Insecurity Forum

Food Insecurity is the lack of access to enough food for an active healthy life for all household members. It requires families to make decisions on allocating their income between important basic needs such as housing, medical needs or nutritional food. KVMR News Director, Paul Emery moderates the discussion with a panel of experts from local food service organizations including Sierra Harvest, Nevada County Public Health, The Nevada County Food Bank, Gold Country Community Services and United Way of Nevada County.

Click Here for more information


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An interview with Maura O'Connell & Jerry Douglas

Date 13 October 2016

Host Jenny Michael sits down with singer/songwriter Maura O'Connell and dobro master Jerry Douglas for a pre-show chat before their appearnace at The Center For The Arts in Grass Valley.


photo by John Taber LIVESHOTS

Click Here for Maura O'Connell's website.

Click Here for Jerry Douglas's website

The Wednesday Music Magaine
A mix of music from around the world that makes a difference, new tunes, and live local grooves.


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Thea Chesney and Chris Hodge — Wild Mushrooms & Foraging and The 18th Annual Fungus Foray — The Homestead Radio Hour, November 2015

Date 3 December 2015

With hosts Phyllis Boorinakis and Julia Boorinakis Harper

Step outside and you can smell it in the air — it’s mushroom season! On this episode, we talk with mushroom-experts/mycophiles Thea Chesney and Christopher Hodge about the fungal bounty of the Sierra Nevada — this year’s forecast, safe and sensible foraging for edibles, the upcoming 18th Annual Fungus Foray and Wild Mushroom Exposition, and more!

Recommended books and links, from Thea:

Mushrooms Demystified (David Arora) – the comprehensive guide

All That the Rain Promises, and More (David Arora) – the pocket guide

California Mushrooms (Dennis Desjardin, Michael Wood, Fred Stevens) – the new book with nice photos and new names, has most common species.

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The UnderNews Wednesday May 06 2015

Date 6 May 2015

Keep It California is the topic of this show.

Kevin Hendrick, Vice Chair and spokesperson for Keep It California along with Margaret Joenke, Nevada County Coordinator, are our guests discussing Keep It California

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The Homestead Radio Hour, November 2014: Thea Chesney and Daniel Nicholson: Wild Mushrooms

Date 28 November 2014

homestead-vertical-e1426622945341.jpgWith hosts Phyllis Boorinakis and Julia Boorinakis Harper

With hosts Phyllis Boorinakis and Julia Boorinakis Harper

Step outside and you can smell it in the air — it’s mushroom season! On this episode of the Homestead Radio Hour, we talk with mycologist/mycophiles Thea Chesney and Daniel Nicholson about the fungal bounty of the Sierra Nevada — this year’s forecast, safe and sensible foraging for edibles, the 17th Annual Fungus Foray and Wild Mushroom Exposition, and more!

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Zen Tech July 30,2014 1-2pm edited for podcast

Date 31 July 2014

Zen Tech July 30, 2014 1-2pm edited for podcast

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Zen Tech July 23, 2014 1-2pm edited for podcast

Date 23 July 2014

Zen Tech July 23, 2014 1-2pm edited for podcast

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Linda J. Smith, Infant Bedsharing and Safer Sleep

Date 27 August 2012

In a world full of risks, how can parents find the lowest risks in choices concerning their children?

Host Arly helm of KVMR’s “Best of Health,” interviews well-known author Linda J. Smith.

Linda J. Smith, MPH, FACCE, IBCLC, FILCA, consultant to the World Health Organization and Adjunct Instructor, Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, discusses the question of safer sleep for infants.

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Chris Difford Interview KVMR June 27, 2012

Date 28 June 2012

Live interview with Chris Difford of Squeeze. june 27th 2012 9:30am. with host Mike Bissell and Chris Kelly.


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The Underground Sound Thursday July 7 2011 interview with Dave Boles of Primal Urge Magazine (A Journal for Diverse Humans)

Date 7 July 2011


Primal Urge Magazine cover for April/May 2011

Meri St. Mary interviews Dave Boles of Primal Urge Magazine (A Journal for Diverse Humans) who is an investigative reporter, printer, poet who gives voice in his publication to other poets, artists, photographers, musicians & is not afraid to get political with his expose’s ranging from “The Incarceration of America” to Bradley Manning.

Dave Boles, a Grass Valley resident, is at once intelligent & intense with the heart of a poet. Speaking of poets, he also is producing “Poetry With Legs” in Sacramento to featured poets & open mic. Dave started Primal Urge in the early 80’s & is still going strong, giving meaning to one of my favorite little ditties: If you’re not Angry, you’re Not Awake!!!

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Earthquakes - Eldridge Moores - Soundings - March 22, 2011

Date 22 March 2011

Mt. Shasta bears a strong resemblance to Mt. Fujiyama. No coincidence: the tectonic setting of Cascadia – the Northern California to British Columbia – is much like that of Japan, so California and Japan share styles of volcanism … and patterns of seismicity.

Readers of John McPhee’s Assembling California will be familiar with Eldridge Moores’s (UC Davis) seminal work in plate tectonics. I spoke with Moores about earthquakes, tsunamis and gold.

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Robben Ford Interview 3-18-2011

Date 18 March 2011

Jerianne Van Dijk - The Friday Morning Show
Fridays from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Big variety...including Jazz and Blues, world, folk and "funstuff"!! Every other week it's The Swami Beyondananda with a cosmic outlook on just about anything, plus the occasional interviews and sometimes a little live music.

In this podcast we feature a Live Interview with guitarist Robben Ford

Robben Ford - Blue Moon CD cover

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What the Federal Funding Flap Means to KVMR, March 11th

Date 11 March 2011

As you may have heard, the House of Representatives zeroed out all funds for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This would have drastic effects on all public media, particularly community radio stations.

Because of our excellent track record and service, KVMR has been awarded over $110,000 in CPB funds this year, approximately 12 % of our budget. (In contrast, only 2% of National Public Radio’s budget comes directly from CPB).

You can learn more about federal funding of community radio and public media in this special “Talkies” program with Ginny Berson, vice president and director of services for the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, discussing the funding crisis on “The Talkies” with KVMR General Manager David Levin and Program Director Steve Baker.

You can find out about the national campaign to preserve federal funding for public media at

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