The Underground Sound Thursday July 7 2011 interview with Dave Boles of Primal Urge Magazine (A Journal for Diverse Humans)

Date 7 July 2011


Primal Urge Magazine cover for April/May 2011

Meri St. Mary interviews Dave Boles of Primal Urge Magazine (A Journal for Diverse Humans) who is an investigative reporter, printer, poet who gives voice in his publication to other poets, artists, photographers, musicians & is not afraid to get political with his expose’s ranging from “The Incarceration of America” to Bradley Manning.

Dave Boles, a Grass Valley resident, is at once intelligent & intense with the heart of a poet. Speaking of poets, he also is producing “Poetry With Legs” in Sacramento to featured poets & open mic. Dave started Primal Urge in the early 80’s & is still going strong, giving meaning to one of my favorite little ditties: If you’re not Angry, you’re Not Awake!!!

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Earthquakes - Eldridge Moores - Soundings - March 22, 2011

Date 22 March 2011

Mt. Shasta bears a strong resemblance to Mt. Fujiyama. No coincidence: the tectonic setting of Cascadia – the Northern California to British Columbia – is much like that of Japan, so California and Japan share styles of volcanism … and patterns of seismicity.

Readers of John McPhee’s Assembling California will be familiar with Eldridge Moores’s (UC Davis) seminal work in plate tectonics. I spoke with Moores about earthquakes, tsunamis and gold.

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Robben Ford Interview 3-18-2011

Date 18 March 2011

Jerianne Van Dijk - The Friday Morning Show
Fridays from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Big variety...including Jazz and Blues, world, folk and "funstuff"!! Every other week it's The Swami Beyondananda with a cosmic outlook on just about anything, plus the occasional interviews and sometimes a little live music.

In this podcast we feature a Live Interview with guitarist Robben Ford

Robben Ford - Blue Moon CD cover

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What the Federal Funding Flap Means to KVMR, March 11th

Date 11 March 2011

As you may have heard, the House of Representatives zeroed out all funds for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This would have drastic effects on all public media, particularly community radio stations.

Because of our excellent track record and service, KVMR has been awarded over $110,000 in CPB funds this year, approximately 12 % of our budget. (In contrast, only 2% of National Public Radio’s budget comes directly from CPB).

You can learn more about federal funding of community radio and public media in this special “Talkies” program with Ginny Berson, vice president and director of services for the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, discussing the funding crisis on “The Talkies” with KVMR General Manager David Levin and Program Director Steve Baker.

You can find out about the national campaign to preserve federal funding for public media at

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The Women's Show, Monday, December 13th, with Dr. Glenda Corwin, author of Sexual Intimacy for Women

Date 13 December 2010

Kelly Moreno from the Women’s Collective interviews Dr. Glenda Corwin, author of Sexual Intimacy for Women. Dr. Corwin’s website is Sexual Intimacy for Women can be purchased online at major booksellers. Prescriptive and poignant, Sexual Intimacy for Women helps female couples (and is also relevant to heterosexual women) examine the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of partnerships as they confront the intimacy challenges within their relationships. This book is for women who wish to reach a deeper level of intimacy with their partner. Dr. Glenda Corwin offers information, research, case studies, and exercises to help women overcome intimacy problems.

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Conversations with Michael Stone, December 7th, Osprey Orielle Lake, MA: Uprisings For the Earth: Reconnecting Culture with Nature

Date 7 December 2010

Osprey Orielle Lake, is a lifelong advocate of social and environmental justice issues. She is the Director of the Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus, on the governing Board of Praxis Peace Institute and an advisor to the International Eco-Cities Standards initiative. Osprey has traveled to five continents studying ancient and modern cultures while making presentations at international conferences and universities. Her themes concern new cultural narratives and the way public imagery and stories either enhance or distance our relationship with the Earth. Her book, Uprisings for the Earth: Reconnecting Culture with Nature, has just been released.

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The Women's Show, Monday, December 6th, interview with Sonika Tinker & Christian Pedersen

Date 6 December 2010

Sonika Tinker, Founder of Love Works For You, & her husband Christian Pedersen, discuss how to create relationships that inspire you to rise. Step into the room of love, connection and possibility, and experience this couple’s radical new approach to relating and get a taste of what is possible in relationship!

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Conversations with Michael Stone, November 2nd, Sharon Salzberg: Force of Kindness

Date 2 November 2010

Sharon Salzberg is one of America’s leading spiritual teachers and authors. She is the cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. Sharon has played a crucial role in bringing Asian meditation practices to the West. The ancient Buddhist practices of vipassana (mindfulness) and metta (loving kindness) are the foundations of her work. In her book The Force of Kindness, Sharon offers practical instruction on how we can cultivate kindness within ourselves.

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KVMR Election News 2010 Interview Thursday October 28th

Date 28 October 2010

Paul Emery talks with Nevada County District Attorney Clifford Newell about his opposition to Proposition 19 that would legalize recreational use of marijuana.

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Conversations with Michael Stone, September 28th, Bradford Keeney, Ph.D. The Bushman Way of Tracking God

Date 28 September 2010

Bradford Keeney, Ph.D. is an American psychotherapist, ethnographer, and cybernetician. He has been called “an all-American shaman, the Marco Polo of psychology, and an anthropologist of the spirit” by the editors of Utne Reader. Author of more than thirty books in the fields of psychotherapy, cybernetics, and ethnographies of healing traditions, many of his works are considered classics in their fields.

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See Jane Do, Wednesday, September 22nd, Mentoring Girls for Social Change

Date 22 September 2010

From runaway rebel to citizen activist. Empowering and mentoring young girls for social change is a catalyst in reshaping our future for the better. Join host Elisa Parker with special guests, Whitney Smith founder of Girls for a Change, Jennifer Siebold Newsom, First Lady of San Francisco, Jennifer Litton-Singer executive director of the Friendship Club and several extraordinary young women.

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Best of Health, Friday, August 27, 2010, Part 1: "Atypical: Life with Asperger's in 20 1/3 Chapters." Part 2: Sierra Services for the Blind

Date 27 August 2010

Part 1:
Interview with Jesse A. Saperstein, author, “Atypical: Life with Asperger’s in 20 1/3 Chapters.” Jesse Saperstein is an adult who was diagnosed with Aspergers, which is on the autism spectrum, as a child. He has a goal of helping to prevent some of the unnecessary pain and heartache that he had to go through, by helping those with neurotypical wiring better understand and empathize with differently wired community members, friends and family. He calls for compassion and tolerance from each type of perspective toward the other.

Part 2:
Richard Crandall, Executive Director of Sierra Services for the Blind, talks about what his organization does for the blind in Nevada County that is so unique. Unlike any other service agency in the United States, the Sierra Services for the Blind retains its clientele, adapting to their changing needs and supporting the expansion of possibilities even in the senior years. And they serve all ages, from newborn to the aged, at no cost.

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Date 29 July 2010

Speaking with scientists and engineers, I can usually hold up my end of the conversation. At other times, I just sit back and listen. Bess Klassen and Bill Pelke were family murder victims … and found it within themselves to forgive the murderers.

This episode of “Soundings” was previewed on the second half of the KVMR evening news on July 29, 2010.

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