Best Of Health: Kate O'Neill, Plastic Recycling

Date 25 January 2018

Kate O’Neill is association professor of global environmental politics at UC Berkeley. She is currently working on a book about waste as a global resource but also a global risk.

Dr. O’Neill discusses the recent ban on US imports of waste into China, and how it will change recycling in the USA.

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Best of Health: Erica McAlister, Secret Life of Flies

Date 23 January 2018

Erica McAlister, Senior Curator of Flies and Fleas at the Natural History Museum, London; and author of “The Secret Life of Flies,” discusses the benefits and risks of flies to the human population.

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Tuesday Music Magazine Temptations Interview

Date 31 October 2017

Tuesday Music Magazine Temptations Interview, aired Oct 31, 2017

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cleve jones

Date 23 May 2017

Interview with Cleve Jones

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Breaking the Trance - Kids and Screens

Date 11 April 2017

Breaking the Trance – Kids and Screens

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Good Stuff: Interview with Dom Flemons

Date 21 October 2016

Good Stuff with Kim Rogers
Featuring an interview & in-studio performance with Grammy Winning Carolina Chocolate Drops co-founder and solo musician Dom Flemons.

Originaly aired 10-20-2106



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Women Helping Women SOAR: Interviews with Kimberly Bass and Simrit

Date 16 October 2016

Women Helping Women SOAR” with special guests Simrit and Kimberly Bass

Newly certified broadcasters, Jan Jorgensen Cercone and Betty Louise, recognize and honor women whose Voices affect us in an empowering, uplifting ways.

The transformative feminine Voices of song, magic and mystery are profoundly present in our two guests...two local treasures! Kimberly Bass and Simrit.


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Good Stuff: Interview with Dave Nachmanoff

Date 16 October 2016

Kim Patton Rogers, host of Good Stuff interviews Dave Nachmanoff including with live performances and more.


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Friday Music Magazine: Interview with Melissa Mitchell & The Hope Social Club & Justin Farren

Date 15 October 2016

Live on the Espresso Music Magazine on KVMR

Melissa Mitchell & the Hope Social Club, Justin Farren interviewed and performing LIVE on Hap Hazard's Music Magazine show. Fabulous live music on KVMR! This is REAL RADIO! And what an immensely heart warming gathering, all around the campfire of music!


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Maria Muldaur Interview 8-25-15

Date 29 August 2015

Maria Muldaur Interview 8-25-15

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Al Kooper Dec_28_2014

Date 29 January 2015

Al Kooper Dec_28_2014

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The Underground Sound - June 7 2012 - Martin Atkins Interview

Date 12 June 2012

Tune in & listen as Meri St. Mary talks with Martin Atkins; musician, teacher, lecturer, author, independent label person, documentary filmmaker & dad. Martin has played with such groups as Brian Brain, Public Image Limited, Ministry, Pigface, Killing Joke & Damage Manuel and more. When I saw PiL in LA years back I knew these guys were talented smartypants, however, Martin has excelled in many other areas of artistic expression. He is the author of Tour:Smart, Welcome to the Music Buisiness You’re Fucked & the forthcoming Band: Smart as well as an honorary board member of Chicago based Rock for Kids. Martin is something akin to a slightly older brother who is an encyclopedia of USEFUL information that would behoove you to pay attention to. He is clever, funny & frank in this hour that ranges from putting on a great show, making compelling art to the marketing side of things, touring, the music & bands he recorded in China. Working with “allegedly at risk kids” he came up with the t-shirt “at risk for not being BORING!” & I personally am looking forward to “Kickstarter:Crackpipe” the 411 on navigating the labyrinth of dysfunction & OCD that is Kickstarter. Now go git yer Band:Smart on & get inspired & informed!

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Live on Notes From Underground: The Still Sea

Date 5 September 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011
Katie McCammon and Tyler Cook as “The Still Sea”
Acoustic live performance in the KVMR studio

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Anton Barbeau Interview on The Other Side 5/31/2011

Date 13 June 2011

BadgeMikail Graham and Julia Boorinakis Harper chat with Anton Barbeau, live from Cambridge, England. His latest project, Three Minute Tease, finds Anton teaming up with Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor, formerly of Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians and The Soft Boys.

“With but a few years remaining until 2012, Anton Barbeau has been busier than ever, spreading his “pre-apocalyptic psychedelic pop” far and wide. California-born, but currently residing in Cambridge, England, Barbeau has toured the UK from tip to tail, has confused and amused audiences from Istanbul to Berlin, and is as awkwardly comfy in a smoke-and-feedback drenched village farmhouse as he is in an Paris piano bar.”

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Interview with Kevin John, son of Little Willie John - 6/10/11

Date 11 June 2011

Jerianne Van Dijk - The Friday Morning Show
Fridays from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Jeriann Van Dijk

This podcast features a special interview featuring Kevin John, son of the late Little Willie John, an American R&B singer who performed in the 1950s and early 1960s and is best known for his popular music chart successes with songs such as, "All Around the World" (1955), "Need Your Love So Bad" (1956) and "Fever" the same year, the latter covered in 1958 by Peggy Lee.

Little Willie John


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