SOS Radio 12-28-2016

Date 1 March 2017

SOS Radio with Dr. Will Tuttle

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The Underground Sound Thursday September 29th 2011 interview with electronic musician Fred Giannelli

Date 29 September 2011

Fred Giannelli

Fred Giannelli

Listen in to this articulate & entertaining interview by Meri St. Mary & Monte Cazazza with electronic musician genius FRED GIANNELLI. Fred who hails from Salem MA was instrumental in the sound that was Psychic TV, was in London for the Acid House craze has worked with Detroit DJ & producer Richie Hawtin & has a plethora of releases under many aliases, including (but not limited to) Kooky Scientist, Acid Didj, The Kinky Scientist, Deneuve, The Kranky Scientist, Mazdaratti, Sickmob, Fred vs. Fred, etc,etc,etc. Fred is a brilliant techno producer & live act. For the middle of the night we have a lot of fun!

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