The Homestead Radio Hour — October 2013 — National Heirloom Expo, part 2

Date 2 November 2013

homestead-vertical-e1426622945341.jpgOn this special edition of the Homestead Radio Hour, Phyllis and Julia talk with some of the fascinating plant-hunters, seed-savers, plant-breeders, and visionaries at the National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa, CA. This episode features Maximilian Meyers on permaculture aquaponics, Irina Stoenescu on food security, and John Glavis on ancient heirlooms.

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Plus: Wendy Van Wagner and Rachelle Zorn stop by to share their work with Sierra Harvest Tasting Week, bringing locally-grown farm-fresh food into local schools.

Music: Bela Fleck, The Bluegrass Sessions. HRH theme music by Dakota Sid and Travers Clifford (and Timmy the Rooster).

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A Word In Edgewise: "The Witching Hour" 10/27/13

Date 2 November 2013

A Word In Edgewise presents “The Witching Hour” with gust readers Meri St. Mary, Julia Boorinakis-Harper & Julia Boorinakis: an hour of herstory of the trials, tribulations, traditions, lore & practices of the ancient & modern wicca. Tis the season, enjoy this informative & entertaining hour & by all means burn some sage! Halloween is the wiccan New Year! Cheers & Charms for Everyone!

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