The Underground Sound - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Tequila Mockingbird Interview

Date 9 January 2012

Tune in as Meri St. Mary talks with TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD a Hollywood based artiste of all trades who has been inspiring & upsetting folks while creating her own niche in the underground Hollywood scene. In true punk spirit (i.e. let’s put on a show cuz we don’t have a place to go) Tequila has gotten her punk historian on & is currently putting together a show in downtown LA entitled “A Case of the Punks” a Punk Rock Museum in collaboration with Ghetto Gloss & KGB Studios. Folks are converging from all over the planet to take part in this event, speaking of which, special guest DAVID WORTH of PUNK ROCK CARTOONS is on at the beginning of the interview all the way from Blackpool England (you will love him). Listen in to hear Tequila’s own opinions, point of view, humor & experience that are uniquely her own. The PUNK ROCK MUSEUM is opening this weekend, go go go (you can thank her in person) Oi! Now quit taking yourself so seriously, git your punk on & have some fun! DAMMIT!

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