The Blue Cheer Special Part 1

Date 15 March 2017

Meri St. Mary with special guests Monte Cazazza, Ron Quintana, talk to former Blue Cheer keyboardist V. Vale and Blue Cheer manager from 1984 till now, Mike Bodack. If you don’t know anything about Blue Cheer this is a good place to start. Originally aired February 19, 2017.




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Live in the Studio: The Last Revel

Date 5 November 2016

The Last Revel live in the KVMR studio on Rockin-N-Stompin with Wesley Robertson & Sacto Dave.

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Good Stuff: Interview with Butch Hancock

Date 5 November 2016

Kim Rogers interview Butch Hancock who will be performing with his son Rory on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 7:30p, at the Off Center Stage in Grass Valley.

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Our Town: Richard Shindell Live In-Studio

Date 18 October 2016

Our Town: Laurie DesJardins interviews Richard Shindell Live In-Studio discussing his musical life, his new album, Careless, plus a Live performance..

Originally aired 10-18-16


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An interview with Maura O'Connell & Jerry Douglas

Date 13 October 2016

Host Jenny Michael sits down with singer/songwriter Maura O'Connell and dobro master Jerry Douglas for a pre-show chat before their appearnace at The Center For The Arts in Grass Valley.


photo by John Taber LIVESHOTS

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The Wednesday Music Magaine
A mix of music from around the world that makes a difference, new tunes, and live local grooves.


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The Undergorund Sound: John Doe & Howe Gelb

Date 12 October 2016

Meri St. Mary chats with John Doe & Howe Gelb on The Underground Sound 9-28-16 - it aired 10-2-16



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Meri St. Mary interview with Lydia Lunch on The Underground Sound

Date 7 August 2016

Meri St. Mary & Lydia Lunch keep it real with Weasel Walter & Monte Cazazza on The Underground Sound heard on KVMR FM Nevada City.

Aired on July 24, 2016 



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Zephyr of the West: A Radio Theater Production

Date 18 March 2015

Raven Radio Theater of the Air, KVMR and The Nevada Theater present – Zephyr of the West: A Radio Theater Production, Monday, March 16th at 7:00pm at The Nevada Theatre.

The radio play was written by Joe McHugh and is brought to you by KVMR and the Nevada Theatre in celebration of the station’s brand new studio and collaboration with the Nevada Theatre. The performance will be broadcast on-air on KVMR.

Join us as we travel back in time to the summer of 1914 and the tight knit community of Nevada City in the foothills of the Sierras

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The Homestead Radio Hour, November 2014: Thea Chesney and Daniel Nicholson: Wild Mushrooms

Date 28 November 2014

homestead-vertical-e1426622945341.jpgWith hosts Phyllis Boorinakis and Julia Boorinakis Harper

With hosts Phyllis Boorinakis and Julia Boorinakis Harper

Step outside and you can smell it in the air — it’s mushroom season! On this episode of the Homestead Radio Hour, we talk with mycologist/mycophiles Thea Chesney and Daniel Nicholson about the fungal bounty of the Sierra Nevada — this year’s forecast, safe and sensible foraging for edibles, the 17th Annual Fungus Foray and Wild Mushroom Exposition, and more!

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The Underground Sound with Meri St. Mary

Date 23 April 2014

Listen in as Meri St. Mary talks with Keith Levene: founding member of The Clash & The Flowers of Romance (w/pre Sex Pistols Sid Vicious) but most notably for his legendary guitar work (& co founder) in the groundbreaking Public Image Limited AKA PiL with John Lydon, Jah Wobble & Martin Atkins.
PiL put out 3 records together as well as live shows from 1978-1983 that inspired a whole generation & beyond. Keith's humor & intelligence shine through in this phone interview from his hometown of London where he is surrounded by close family, artists, teachers, books & his studio while focusing predominately on the current crowd funding project on Indiegogo for what was to be PiL's 4th album Commercial Zone 2014. He has some great stories about the final recording in NYC the "this is what you didn't want, but what you got" fiasco, wonderful quotes with regards to
"doing things that DON'T SUCK",
wisdom of this getting older business, the Veleno guitar guy story & as a self taught multi-instrumentalist (& true spirit of punk) the great line: "who cares - it's metal, I'm getting it". There are loads of cool perks to getting involved in The CZ2014 Campaign so check it out, get involved & have some fun with it as Keith prepares to deliver the purest vision w/original &  proper PiL ethos, an unfinished business that has to be done & he is the one to do it....not so much to set the record straight but to get the right record out 30 years later with as many years of composition. As Keith explains:
"PiL was my Purpose In Life, but at the end of the day, what else do you have but your principles?" So get on the Indiegogo tip & support The CZ2014 Campaign while you can....the clock is ticking & as soon as the campaign is done, Keith can get back to composing........he's a lucky guy & so are we to have him share his vision: music, art & words with us all……now go check out CZ2014 & get out of it what you put into it!!!!!

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The Underground Sound: Todd Wahoske - "You Are The Maniac" - Nov 3, 2013

Date 22 November 2013

The Underground Sound Halloween Special 2013 is finally here! Listen in as Meri St. Mary talks with Todd Wahoske about his new card game “You Are The MANIAC” for the ultimate horror film fanatics to get their scare on & become the last standing maniac!!! In this hour we cover how Todd took his inspiration to fruition through successful Kickstarter funding and loads of hard work. Based on 80’s horror flicks (indeed, even the box looks like an old VHS) there are dastardly foes and evil to overcome and dominate through the good old fashion fun of a card game! Cool graphics & extra points for killing the hipster couple (YEAH!) along with a variety of familiar faces/disgraces from yer fav slasher movies of yore (rhymes with gore). EEEEK i gotta go the creepy lunch lady is holding a meat clever, so check it out and start a “You Are The MANIAC” craze at your local cafe, especially if you’re staying at A Cabin In The Woods………...

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The Underground Sound - May 5 2013 - interview with IRIS BERRY poet/publisher/performer

Date 7 May 2013

Tune in & listen as Meri St. Mary talks with IRIS BERRY a funny & smart word wrangler who hails from The City of Angels. She has been (& is) a poet, publisher, performer who has used her talent to chronicle the characters from the underbelly of Hollywood as well as her own experiences living at the notorious Disgraceland a mecca & hang out joint for touring bands & local musicians from the 80’s. Iris has teamed up with A. Razor & Pleasant Gehman (to name a few) to bring the written word to the world with: Notes From A Punk Rock Crash Pad, Daughters of Bastards, Tales from the Tropicana & most currently Jack Grisham’s (T.S.O.L.) new book on Punk Hostage Press: a non profit that goes to jails & institutions as well as internet access & book stores. Hear about the where & when of upcoming readings & events including the 60th anniversary of City Lights in SF featuring a mysterious trunk found in New Orleans containing unpublished works by many of the Beat Movement greats! Iris is on the board of Beyond Baroque & weaves many entertaining tales of Los Angeles from the past, the now & what’s yet to come. In this hour we also play some of her original spoken word/poetry pieces including: Punk Rock Royalty, Thank You Henry Mancini, Ode to Sammy & The Trouble with Palm Trees, her voice is a calm lullaby sing song with lurid content that makes you go ahhhhhh, yesssss, LOVE IT!!!! The hour zips by as we jump rope & double dutch lyrically. So git yer Uber Wonderfulness ON, take a sip off your Anarchy Drink & dig the hell out of your gurl Iris Berry!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Monday Morning Show • An Interview with Gumby

Date 1 April 2013

The Monday Morning Show with Jerianne Van Dijk

This episode features a special April 1st interview with the legendary Gumby!

Monday Morning Show 'original' Gumby promo

The Monday Show 'original' Gumby promo

Gumby & Jerianne Van Dijk

Gumby & Jerianne Van Dijk in the KVMR studio

Gumby & Jerianne Van Dijk in the KVMR studio

Gumby says

Gumby says "Bye for now!"


CLICK HERE to visit Jerianne's KVMR page

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An Evening with the Moore Brothers • Hours 1 & 2

Date 16 March 2013


An Evening with the Moore Brothers

From their first record Colossal Small in 2001, through their stellar fifth release Aptos in 2009, these unique brothers continue to perform for an ever increasing following in the California Bay Area. At first glance their influences appear to come from 1960s folk music, reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel. But upon further listening it becomes ever so clear that these two minds & voices are woven from a much broader, albeit highly eccentric knit that borrows more from the surrealist movement, than the folk/pop overtones that appear at first listen. Join host Mikail Graham for a live in-studio interview along with a preview of their latest 2013 release California Sister.

The Moore Brothers


Originally aired on March 12, 2013

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The Good News Show, Thurs, Feb 28, 2013

Date 8 March 2013

Mikail Graham with guest co-host Julia Boorinakis Harper

The Good News Show sunshine logo

Featuring uplifting stories including environmental breakthroughs, modern day heroes, progress toward a more sustainable planet and eco-friendly food, plus people who are making a difference in their communities.
You can share your own Good News stories by Email at: goodnews @

The Good News Show on KVMR
Uplifting stories including environmental breakthroughs, modern day heroes, progress toward a more sustainable planet and eco-friendly food, plus people who are making a difference in their communities

The Good News Bites project
Producers Mikail Graham and Julia Boorinakis Harper have created a series of Good News Bites focusing on uplifting stories that showcase the positive aspects of life on this planet that are so often overlooked by the mainstream media.

This epeisode with special guests Pinky Zalkin talking about the Empty Bowl benefit for Hospitality House, and local Chinese medicine expert and acupuncturist China Roberson, and much more...

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New Year's Night 2013 • Hours 1 & 2

Date 1 January 2013

New Year's Night 2013
It's a brand new year and time for yet another eidition of The Other Side to help you usher in all the changes and more. Expect a potpourri caldron of oddities full of aural flourishes too untimely to mention. Ah come on, trust me it'll be fun!!!! Join host and producer Mikail Graham for a fun relaxed evening of other sidean silliness fun good enough for the family pets and then some!
Originally aired on January 1, 2013

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The Underground Sound - November 8 2012 - interview & live performance with THE DEVILS TRAIN

Date 9 November 2012

Listen in as Meri St. Mary talks with local punk band THE DEVILS TRAIN for their debut on KVMR. We hear for the first time their upcoming 3 song release “Bloody Candyland” as well as live in studio performance (on an acoustic tip) of some of their other live material. All members: Akasha Hepcat, Alex Bone Daddy Scribs, Johnny K, Jamison Jamo (aka Slick Simmons) & Jo Jo Dinkenstein are from Grass Valley/Nevada City & play regularly in town on diverse bills bringing their “jazz punk from hell” music along with compelling & enthusiastic live performances. THE DEVILS TRAIN are a young band with their own style & are clearly into what they are doing & have that chemistry one longs for when seeing live shows. They are fun & down to earth as they talk about how they got together, what keeps them going as well as their strive for originality in a small town that has supported them with a loyal following of all ages & types who feed off the energy THE DEVILS TRAIN emits ( yeah mosh pits ensue) seemingly effortlessly so the songs & visuals stick in your brain long after you’ve experienced them live. This hour is a fun time for all so if you don’t want to just shut up & watch yer TV, git yer demon inside on & dig the swampy grooves & passionate/provocative vocals from THE DEVILS TRAIN: this is one ride you’ll want to take whether you’re showered in sin or pondering the inevitable rebirth of the soul, a new kinda soul train! Git on the devils train, stay on after every stop & ride bitches, ride.

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Marion Jeffrey interviewed by Steve Baker about the Belle of Amherst play

Date 5 November 2012

Marion Jeffrey interviewed by Steve Baker about the Belle of Amherst play

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Mike Remembers Halloween • Hours 1 & 2

Date 1 November 2012

Mike Remembers Halloween

Halloween! Just the name conjures up shades of the supernatural, vampires, goblins, ghouls, monsters & more! But clearly there must bemore to this grand All Hallows Eve than meets the all seeing eye? Join host & producer Mikail Graham, for a fun look & listen at the world of the odd in full other sidean 2D colour - oh boy!
Originally aired on October 30, 2012

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The Cover Girls Fall Expose • Hours 1 & 2

Date 8 October 2012

The Cover Girls Fall Expose

They're back and ready for a Fall Expose' look at the bizarre world of musical tributes. Expect a wide array of classic covers from all around planet Earth. Some featuring those you will recognize and others that'll leave you wondering what in the world? So why not join PB & J - aka the "Cover-Girls", as they take you on a journey of the best, the worst, and the just plain wonderfully weird world of musical covers.
Originally aired on September 18, 2012

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